torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2015

Life is gone

I just undesrtand my old google account is gone, so i can't write anymore to my old blog. Now I writing with my bluetooth keyboard and here is some problems.

Anyways, what is my styles. My style is try find balance between sportin, drinks and
Lisence free picture, Forest!?
food. Ofcourse my studies is still here, but it is summer so no worried about it. I have been last three weeks in english studies and it's been very usefull to guy like me. I always wanted to talk some strange languages and short time my swedish was good. But young guy, young money. I am lazy, so I have forget almost all from swedish. Ofcourse I have studied some other languages too, but provokation is still the best motivation for me.

I have planned that, when come some nice day I try find workplace for me. Yes, I worked last three month at telemarketing. 

Below is picture from forest. Near of my flat is similar forest like that. It's like from fairys.

-Provokation is the best motivation-

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