sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Out from darkness & something of "Halpahalli"

In nextweek my target is go to out of my dark style. So how to explain what is dark? I can give one explain, but you know it better. So to nextweek: I have planned i use Italian khaki pants and maybe some blue pant. I need cut legs.
My blue sweet pants.
Yeah I bought it from H&M. Yeah, I have got short body, not fat. Latest think I can fix.

So I still visit in my job. One day is in outside and others is in shopping center.

After my latest text I read my blog i wonderd, how these is so short. It's not explain, if I saying "my english too good fot that." Actually I wanna learn swedish, but for it will come later.

I love shopping. I don't buy much stuff, but is wonderfull touch and looking.  Today i write my first mysteryshopping experience and I will write more. My target located in city of Kuopio in Matkus shopping center. It's was so beaty day normal summer and raining. I walked in matkus shopping center and I decited visiti in Halpa-Halli, "HH". HH was clean just normal cash and curry place so much stuff. Prices was simple, you know what you are buying. Some personnel was avaible for you. Clothes deparment was little cramble but clean. I visited in food deparment, because clothes not my style.  There was very clean, only  one singboard is mystery. "Be scarefull here can be water on the floor." So that may mean here is problem with machines or they only really take of customers.  So that all looked very nice. Staff was boregned to their job, that I saw from their essences.

Totally I like visit again in this store. Here was couple cash. Enough for customers and no big traffic.

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