lauantai 25. heinäkuuta 2015

School disko! YEI!!!!!

I don't have  never visited in school disko. It's not my stuff and same still here. I don't like visit in dancing in disco or to pub, but logdans is the something. Today I'm going to Ilves Casino. Anyway, it's look finally summer maybe can come to here. So still is hope for warm august.

It's look like empty.
Last week was awesome in many way. So full of power and happiness. I have liked work in my workplace, because it's boring only sit at the home. I worked one day in marketplace and I burned my face. So in next day was nice work in shopping center and show my beaties.

Sometime, when I have taked my bike to drive work "it's will be boring day, just talkin with peoples." But always in evening you undertand that was ok, and clock is so much.

-Next week will be better-

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