lauantai 15. elokuuta 2015

Rättänä's style

I just thinking my teen ages. So grazy was recording song with mp3- player microphone. Yeah, really and when somebody say something at wrong time. You only can stand quiet. Ouh, these was good times.

Back to topic Rättänä aka mustikkakukko. So it's in english you can call it to Blueberrypie.

//First I show what include to Rättänä (about 20x20cm).

200 g butter (in soft)
1dl sucar
4 dl rye flour

about 5-8 dl blueberries

Your operation is start your oven with 175 c. After that mix soft butter and sucar. Next operation is mix rye flours to dough. Mix dough to balance and spread 2/3 to dish.

The most delecious operation is speadr blueberries on of dough and set end of dough to cover.

After 60 minutes in oven it's ready. Wait couple time and enjoy it with your friends and vanilla ice cream!!//

-Let sunny heal our body-

torstai 13. elokuuta 2015

Shopping list&Student Style

Welcome back to my stories. In this week I have thinking new way safe money. You know what i do with my saves. So list one is hair cut. I use the cheapist way today and I done it in my home. So what happened? Complete was ok, not looked bad, but i need buy better machine. Something else than my trimmer. This is my first think in shopping list. Second one is new t-shirst but now no money so maybe in next month. Third think in shopping list is new shoes.

That was very delicous dinner. Fish, potatos etc. Mjami
It's strange have so many stuff in this list, but what other can I do, than wait next mounth. So it's august and my third school year start in september.Couple week need to wait it. I have planned cruising too, so I need confirm from co-operator when its ready.

Sky is going dark so I need leave now you and go to jogging.

-Boom, Kah-

lauantai 8. elokuuta 2015

Style body is my tempple!

So in this week my boss fired me out of my job. Next focus is in my body. My style in Autumn. I tested today push ups and sit ups and both was lot of better than in army. So jogging and biking is my, still and final push up for half marathon!!

So what I do to get my perfect body!? I have decided "I will going back to gym"! So, gym, jogging and biking in Autumn between my studies. Absolute my dier hoby dancing still with me.
I bought new short for my hobbies and maybe some more new clothes find their way to my home.

I have biking some longer trip with my bike and running have been more activity.

Blueberries season is going over and I have enough in my freezer.

-Keep it going!!!-

lauantai 1. elokuuta 2015

Awesome telefinland guys!!

My style in this week is amazed. So that shop in shop make it first time. Totally different customer service. So, I was takin mobine service and I was waiting my turn in the desk and what the salerman done?!!? He walked away. Just  now I mean shop in shop stores in Citymarket corridor. Maybe I can be pretty today and tell that was the only mistake. I say it was. Respect for you guys, because you still working.

So that all in today. I got something other to do. See ya guys.