lauantai 8. elokuuta 2015

Style body is my tempple!

So in this week my boss fired me out of my job. Next focus is in my body. My style in Autumn. I tested today push ups and sit ups and both was lot of better than in army. So jogging and biking is my, still and final push up for half marathon!!

So what I do to get my perfect body!? I have decided "I will going back to gym"! So, gym, jogging and biking in Autumn between my studies. Absolute my dier hoby dancing still with me.
I bought new short for my hobbies and maybe some more new clothes find their way to my home.

I have biking some longer trip with my bike and running have been more activity.

Blueberries season is going over and I have enough in my freezer.

-Keep it going!!!-

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