perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2015

This not list for to do!

Hello, it's me still here. You can't see me, but you can read my words. So it's have been little break before my last blog. Todat I'm going to tell something of Finnish grocery market. I know maybe these markets not coming to read my words... Remember there is only my opinion. What I have seen or bought. Anyway, never don't let others to order what you think!

Case Prisma: They are like hypocrites. They gave cheap prices for customer and sayed yes we are really cheap. What happened after that in other products. They only eat cream from top of cake and keep cover still in theirself. So, effect at other producs was price's going up. No, no they not done both same time. They rebuilded slowly upper price's and hope customers not see magic.  That same happened at advertisement: First they published super low prices and some month later, they have advertised only normal price's products.
Prisma's logo

Case Citymarket: They are like normal company. It's mean they try get much provit as possible. Ofcourse they service customer and not trying bad tricks.

Case Lidl: They are our baby on Finnish grocery stores. About 15 years and they have captured our land and make bigger groups (includes Prisma and citymarkets) owner to replan their stradegy. Sorry, In our land is only TWO big markets and you have read about them. Ofcourse they own some smaller markets.

Case Others: We have too Siwa's, M-market's, Tarmo's and go on. But these smaller only have 10% turnover of all Finnish grocery stores. So these all have different owners and stradegys.

So that was today. I have lot of think to tell, but I will safe for later.

-Now need to buy Finnish Racist Startet kit-

sunnuntai 13. syyskuuta 2015

Motivation our big mystery?

This is the place where you can imagine sound og the question. You can remember that from cartoons. First idea, which I have thinking what to write. Leave your comment, message's about anything what interest you. So autumn is now. It' not look autum, when is full sunny and almost 20 celsius at outside.

Main topic in this week is second hand. Do you buy, take free or visiting in cruch can. All of these is part of my hobbies and tonight I will go again. But why you not do that?

You don't wanna extra extreme, save money or just don't wanna be like drunken guys. It's many reason and in some country it's can be accepted, but unleagal. It's good, if don't want break laws never. I respect you.

 Foreigners is still coming to nordic. Some guys, not all. Don't want stay in sweden, they wanna cross over  to Norway or to Finland. I hope they can respect law like natives. But no too much politik. I don't wanna write too much negative thinks.
I Always shootpretty days. 

One week and I'm going to  cruising. So it's will be really awesome. I  hope strike not coming and make super wannabe time.

-I'm your hero, better than cartoons.-

tiistai 8. syyskuuta 2015

How to eat?

Eating is really interesting mission, so what is the real way? I have thinked that topic so many time so now I make one text for it.

1. Last days of summer and begining of Autumn, so you can find berries from forest. In here Finland you can pick almost everywhere berries for free. So, if any possibles put berries to freez.

2. Bread. Good and bad bread. So, what decide eat or not eat. I'm not sure, so I have complication I eat bread some time, but it not basic of my diet.

3. Milk products. I use lot of milk products. Lot of joghurt. Sometime milk, butter and cheese. I can say these are very important part of diet. Joghurt is good, cheap basic food.
I love baking!!

4. Vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I don't enough of these, but I know these are importants.

5. Candies and treats. I have tryed to eat less these products, but I still eat too much. I can be happy for myself, because I eat less than before. Russins and peanuts is too my favorite snacks and these not bad like candies for body.

6. Sports products. Yes, I use some bonus products. Normally I drink some extra when running, dancing or build my body, but I don't have used extra protein products.

Remember don't be too ridical for yourself if you fail sometimes. Remember tell your focus for friends. Then you can really show, How hard you really are!!

-You can do it, one more!-

tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2015

Back to school!!

So epic topic to write about "back to school." So, it's couple week time of our last meeting. Why this pause. It's simple, because I don't have nothing to say, but don't worry today I have. School, school and school.

What is style and how all have connection to lifestyle. I'm going to run half marathon at next weekend. Now is my break week, but still running and biking around of city.
Summer in Finland.
Just before I started to write, I saw, i don't have any comment. SO, I'm boring people.

Back to school mean somenthing else too. Our raining and finally sunny summer is going over. Night is colder and more darker. It's feel awesome, when you running in dark forest only trees with you. Raspberry season is over, I collected and enjoyed of them. Lingonberries is next and finally cranberrys, but don't forget rowans!

Next things what back to school mean. Free money is back!!!!

-Our future is today-