tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2015

Back to school!!

So epic topic to write about "back to school." So, it's couple week time of our last meeting. Why this pause. It's simple, because I don't have nothing to say, but don't worry today I have. School, school and school.

What is style and how all have connection to lifestyle. I'm going to run half marathon at next weekend. Now is my break week, but still running and biking around of city.
Summer in Finland.
Just before I started to write, I saw, i don't have any comment. SO, I'm boring people.

Back to school mean somenthing else too. Our raining and finally sunny summer is going over. Night is colder and more darker. It's feel awesome, when you running in dark forest only trees with you. Raspberry season is over, I collected and enjoyed of them. Lingonberries is next and finally cranberrys, but don't forget rowans!

Next things what back to school mean. Free money is back!!!!

-Our future is today-

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