tiistai 8. syyskuuta 2015

How to eat?

Eating is really interesting mission, so what is the real way? I have thinked that topic so many time so now I make one text for it.

1. Last days of summer and begining of Autumn, so you can find berries from forest. In here Finland you can pick almost everywhere berries for free. So, if any possibles put berries to freez.

2. Bread. Good and bad bread. So, what decide eat or not eat. I'm not sure, so I have complication I eat bread some time, but it not basic of my diet.

3. Milk products. I use lot of milk products. Lot of joghurt. Sometime milk, butter and cheese. I can say these are very important part of diet. Joghurt is good, cheap basic food.
I love baking!!

4. Vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I don't enough of these, but I know these are importants.

5. Candies and treats. I have tryed to eat less these products, but I still eat too much. I can be happy for myself, because I eat less than before. Russins and peanuts is too my favorite snacks and these not bad like candies for body.

6. Sports products. Yes, I use some bonus products. Normally I drink some extra when running, dancing or build my body, but I don't have used extra protein products.

Remember don't be too ridical for yourself if you fail sometimes. Remember tell your focus for friends. Then you can really show, How hard you really are!!

-You can do it, one more!-

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