sunnuntai 13. syyskuuta 2015

Motivation our big mystery?

This is the place where you can imagine sound og the question. You can remember that from cartoons. First idea, which I have thinking what to write. Leave your comment, message's about anything what interest you. So autumn is now. It' not look autum, when is full sunny and almost 20 celsius at outside.

Main topic in this week is second hand. Do you buy, take free or visiting in cruch can. All of these is part of my hobbies and tonight I will go again. But why you not do that?

You don't wanna extra extreme, save money or just don't wanna be like drunken guys. It's many reason and in some country it's can be accepted, but unleagal. It's good, if don't want break laws never. I respect you.

 Foreigners is still coming to nordic. Some guys, not all. Don't want stay in sweden, they wanna cross over  to Norway or to Finland. I hope they can respect law like natives. But no too much politik. I don't wanna write too much negative thinks.
I Always shootpretty days. 

One week and I'm going to  cruising. So it's will be really awesome. I  hope strike not coming and make super wannabe time.

-I'm your hero, better than cartoons.-

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