perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2015

This not list for to do!

Hello, it's me still here. You can't see me, but you can read my words. So it's have been little break before my last blog. Todat I'm going to tell something of Finnish grocery market. I know maybe these markets not coming to read my words... Remember there is only my opinion. What I have seen or bought. Anyway, never don't let others to order what you think!

Case Prisma: They are like hypocrites. They gave cheap prices for customer and sayed yes we are really cheap. What happened after that in other products. They only eat cream from top of cake and keep cover still in theirself. So, effect at other producs was price's going up. No, no they not done both same time. They rebuilded slowly upper price's and hope customers not see magic.  That same happened at advertisement: First they published super low prices and some month later, they have advertised only normal price's products.
Prisma's logo

Case Citymarket: They are like normal company. It's mean they try get much provit as possible. Ofcourse they service customer and not trying bad tricks.

Case Lidl: They are our baby on Finnish grocery stores. About 15 years and they have captured our land and make bigger groups (includes Prisma and citymarkets) owner to replan their stradegy. Sorry, In our land is only TWO big markets and you have read about them. Ofcourse they own some smaller markets.

Case Others: We have too Siwa's, M-market's, Tarmo's and go on. But these smaller only have 10% turnover of all Finnish grocery stores. So these all have different owners and stradegys.

So that was today. I have lot of think to tell, but I will safe for later.

-Now need to buy Finnish Racist Startet kit-

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