tiistai 13. lokakuuta 2015

The Windmill!

Some time my mind is like windmill. I say or thinking something, but I do something else. So, in my last post  I told about Linux fedora. I have now reinstalled Linux mint back to my laptop. We have in my city awesome mill. Possible it's old windmill. It's located in small island near of centrum.

Shooted in March of 2014. Vasikkasaari
Place called to "Vasikkasaari" and here had located so much awesome industries and warehouses begin about 20th centuries. You know the time, when lakes and water roads was more important for all manufactures. Well, now birds have captured that place in summer. Winter time is very amazing, when you can ski or skate on lake and visit at this island.

We not have snow now. It's may take couple month to get it. So, we can enjoy of that lovely gray autumn. It's really nice, because not it's going to colder, but I don't hater warm weather.

I have planned my trip to Estonia. So, if I get some extra money in december. I will visit there later.

-Ex, don't be with ex's-

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