sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2015


It's one raining day again. Just waiting when snow is coming. We not happy then. Then we will start wait and counting days to water raining. So, we aren't satiesfied never. What is our problem, why we can't enjoy of which we have. I talked in this week with my foreigner buddy and finally undesrtood. They are not unsatisfied to their old  country.

Simpple, but good!
I may still sound little racist, but I realised we need to be happy with our thinks now.  My life is really better now. I started my jobs in telemarketing and now I feel it to really good. I'm so glad to work with them now. I have visited in  some special meetings. I don't have sayed nothing much yet, but sometime is good only lissen.

So, now my life is totally feel better and school or clothes are going on step  by step.

Happy autumn for you all!!

-Only one can be your life boss, it's YOU!!-

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