keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

Hangover from Chrismas

Time to reactivating, after chrismas so many people have hangover in their head. I must to say, I have it too. But we need to have fun when we change for it. Life is too short to be sad all time. Like in my job place I can have 7 hours day and without any deals, but still isn't too good to be positive and give little smile. So, still is 1,5 weeks holiday left and I'm at jobs *btw telemarketing.

Chrismaseve not 4ever. 
Snow is really noicing, because it's kidding with us. Come on, go off etc. So funny. I hope it's not too earlier to get winter. I love winter, maybe. Ofcourse chrismas is over and sales arrived. You can see it in secondhand store too. I have founded Jack&Jones jeans at 4 euro.

After Chrismas is time push up and back to normal days. Couple words told all. "Provokation is the best motivation." Nah, you aren't very good, then show you are the BEST!  If you don't have (Like me, sometime) do it just for noise others. To be better.

How to get better life?

Fist step in you travelling is to look what you eat. If you eat fresh meals, you feel fresh. Fat...think it at your self. Like i sayed don't take it too serious. You can always have good time with chocklad. Next try eat it  too much. Then you can see are it very good? Just ring balls and going on!! Time to look nice shoes, dark forest and just running! 

-Are you too good for it? -

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