sunnuntai 17. heinäkuuta 2016

Summer taste

Summer have been going on go much and here is nothing. That sound to too perfet. I have been at that free work practise and it's ok. Always is some bad thinks, but it's okay. I have finally meet an lady, but I don't have any idea what it's going on. Ladies actually are mystery, but she is awesome, she dance. We have flashmob at 3.9.2016. It will be very cool, and I really love train for it my lady. Summer in more busy that at last year, but it's not bad. Only thesis isn't did.

Now, I'm not writing more text, but blueberries is ready too. I will write more, later.

lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2016

Teen vloggers

Some kind peoples is saying youngs haven't any pressures to clothes or to outfit. I think it's going more and more all time. One good exemple is teen girls vloggers. They make all time unboxing, and favourites videos. Some way they are like superstars today. They are making pressure to everybody to look good. It's not sure are they looking good or are they something between else. It's also unbeliveble, how much clothes they buyign regularly. It's not bad only, because world is going on day by day.

I have also started to think the hippie's thinks at last days. I also realize couple europians can't do much agains miljards people at another regions. Every think is possible when set it to focus and make it to real.

Short text and short life. Keep it going!

perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2016

Summer time! and some favourites of spring

Not sure Have I told, but Summer is here!! One of my spring drinks is rhubarb Vodka. Never did't know How hard liquire is that good. Btw, I said unlegal word so waiting Finnish coverment coming to ban my blog. Then I can know too, where my lonely reader sitting every minute. Today I'm writing about spring favourites and sorry little bit bad quality of photos. Btw I'm making new traing plan summer, so it's will come soon.

Bag with glasses
I have some new sunglasses by ebay, but these are still favourites. These are perfect to use with all clothes. This bag is maybe fake not sure. I love that baf, it's my favourite. It's actually my manbag. There is some usefull thinks. I'm mostly using it when I'm going to practise place.

These are two thinks which not necessery to use but very usefull. Escpecially at biking Sunglasses are good thinks. It's very easy to get bugs and cruh to eyes. Without car, you need to put thinks somewhere. No more explanations to man bag.

Some new thinks ofcourse. Not my favourite shirt and shorts. Well, no anything
special from these and ofcourse shoes. Pictures will tell more. It's see, it's worthless to do summer training post. 

Summer is summer what ever you are doing. I'm spending it mostly at office. It not worriest plan, new experiences etc.  One of spring favourite thinks are studies. Except thesis all is going well. Nice to see it, because not reall belive to it at all time. Okey, I will left some empty space. See you.

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2016

Hunting losed motivation, first training week and more

Well, we can start from my workpractiseplace. It's started at good way. Basically it was normal office staff. Actually it's boring, but unluckily I'm too old. Yeah, these are good way to see new guy working methodis and giving some time to start working. I have some prejudices to company industry. Yeah, it's still telemarketing, may fun. I don't have founded anything better than it. I work at customer service and administrional deparment. It give new seesight to telemarketing. It's really interesting to see "behind the scene" thinks. Well, more later. 

Summer is coming!?
It's really noising to hear about young guys and girls are crush. Must to say it's crush. Sad to say (NOT ALL!) have losed they motivation. This sickness is infectious disease. Our life is too soft, we are getting all to free. Money, food, aparment and ofcourse sex. All is so easy, you have offices and social offices (Bars). Well it took time to realise that. That is my problem too, with thesis. I don't have got really feel I'm studing. School have been actually easy, ofcourse some hard tasks. Mostly. I have realized that and now I have maken problem to solve. This is going more to deep secret deparment. I'm not sure do I wanna peoples to know? Well, now I had to do. Today I'm going to sleep, tomorrow working, dancing and some time to read school books. 

Actucally, I have losed from my mind the more thinks from topic. Well, just remember work for your life, life at the moment. 

-This is your life, problems is for solving!!-

keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2016

Moment to talkin about mobile

This all elektric thinks is going faster and faster to foward, but some thinks is crush. Why do should make beta versions, why can't test at small group first. First is this NFC-fast paying. We have actually one good version at it, others more than less betas. There is some systems, which are like differents style. Finland is just small country it's better for all, if we can have good system. One security, fast, cheap and easy. Actually mostly thinks are security and goods. This one banks have best system at moment and yeah it's biggest bank, so they have money for it. I have account in smaller and ofcourse in this bigger bank. I may order second bank card to get my mobile wallet to work. It's not big deal.

By fotolia <
It's have still bad security, but lot of better than in mobile stickers and you can use secundary bank account to keep safe part of your moneys. Basically that is good thinks and I'm going to use it too, maybe it's mistake. Only need to look forward. So short text again.

lauantai 30. huhtikuuta 2016

New mixtape at 2016

When you want something, set it to focus. Yeah, it's crush, but it isn't. Basically  we are not thinking it at all time. Well, I have two main focus. These are to finish my studies including thesis and second is mixtape. First is so much bigger, but still possible. Just enjoy of summer and to do it, no more. I have maken some really awesome songs, some is published, some not. I have so many really awesome ideas on my head. Just now, I have season of freestyles. I have too many thinks inside of my head. Maybe later, I will focus to write full songs. I'm not saying freestyle's are bad. It's just one way to chill down my head. Today Finland is drinking. I think this is first time, when I'm really writing about my "rap star" career.

-I'm here, well see you at an other day.-

torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2016

Camping days!

In bus?!
So, are it's actually real camp, if you sleep at hotel? Just time thinking what is really doind, where to sacrifise time. Blog, thesis, youp... Life is filled of decision. I have thinked pass again my Finnish blog. Too much crush is too much. Best feelings came after have done something good. I visited a while agon in Estonia.

I had couple hour in bus before going to ferry. It was my first time at top of second floor. You know the Onnibusse's. Yeah right there. It's bit of interesting to go earlier to everywhere. Not like 5 minute meaning 2-3 hour. I'm not saying it's my normal life, just when travelling after bus etc. always is some day. Ofcourse it's fantastic time to look out city and hang out.

Sometime these day, just thinking are people focussing everyplace to share only to
share with others. It's feel for me better, if focus only for the moment. That have affected to my decision to use more my classic phone. Real deep thinks. I was at dance camp in Estonia. It's was really awesome classes and parties, meet new peoples maybe got some new friends. Let's see what time give for us. More West coast swing I hope.

I visited today at Seppälä. Yes, I bought too many products, but it was supersale, half out from sale prices. Awesome. Well, not more this time. See you guys.

-Bang, bang-

tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

Bom dia!

Just nice to write to something. So, as like you got I don't have any special topic. I have been writen my thesis. Just like 4 page ready. This mont I have focus to write something more intensive. Sometime it's good to just think. Just think what is going on. Nothing. Answer is nothing.
Always is something going on. Now I have my thesis and west coast swing is coming. Yei! I'm really exciting can't sleep, but still is too much day for waiting it. Must to say I have been too bussy at last years. Again realized how beaty is ladies and body starting to look good. So, rewards coming from works. Not, sure maybe.

It's funny to lissen own voice from headphone, what I have done. I'm doing own mixtape to internet. Coming later! Ofcourse I found couple amazing clothes from store. I didn't bought, but maybe I do? Btw, skinny jeans are here, yei!!

See you soon :)

maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2016

Webstore shopping and Salmiakki Vichy!

I think this is my first story writen from inside of bus. I got my bluediit stuff at last week and now I have them. I bought two power banks, sd- memory card, headphones etc. So, many thinks. I don't never had any ideas how usual powerbank can be. No stress anymore about elecktrocity. I use it to charge mobile and travel modem. It's too small for my tablet. It's have 5200 mha's.

It's really can see how technology going on everyday. For exemple, when I bought my first tablet, I used it for music, games and for videos. Now I'm writings novels and using so many wireless stuff with it. I have started to use regularry spotify's, deezers and soundclouds just these days. So, new world and same time feel myself to old. Spotify was new many years agon. Only one minus is one missing product. Bluebiit promised send that later at confirmation of order.

Travel kit pt1. 
From wireless to wireles. I have loved to my new bluetooth headset. It's really comfortable use. For exemple in Kitchen or visiting at toilet no need any more worries about wiress. I'm sure it's good for running. It's maken to close, when you don't hear any extra sounds or others can't lissen your private parties. That make smashbasses bad for biking. It's may make your driving to too comfortable.
I love that bass and qualition of the sound. I founded that product with lower price from other store. There is one problem in buiying elecktronics from China. You can't be 100% of your total and you don't have any quarantee and bluebiit have already tested product to give the best experience for you.

I was suprised, when I found 24/7 open store from centrum of Helsinki at easter. From there I founded that Salmiakki Vichy. It's tasting to soft and ligh salmiakki isn't hard. It's maybe too soft. That drink isn't for everyday, but I can drink that when I want relax without alcohol. Btw, it's maked in Finland, which is really good thinks and congrulations at your celebration Vichy!

I visited also in two national park so I will write fairystalys of these soon.

-Way to up isn't gray-

tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2016

Way to Ice skating!

Like my second daily topic of Finnish winter nature. Well, today I visited on lake
My "weapons".
and skating. It was little bit interesting. You may know the feelign in the shop. Something come to your head. You wanna buy it. Well, I got that today. It was only 12€ happiness.  Skating shoes and blades for skating. One move jeans off and something more comfortable, ofcourse sunglasses too. This spring sun may steel your eyes.

First round was little paintfull, but after that I got real feelings and happiness. So enjoyfull.  It was really lovely to see young, olds, beginners ans professionels skating at the same two kilometres round. I was suprised how fast way it'st to move. Maybe need more training to look good.

Seesights :)
My other business going well, I have started my first couple lines of thesis. Btw, I have cat visitor and now writing in other place than usual.  I'm ordering something nice from Bluebiit webstore so be online. How about ebay? Would you like read about it?

-Forward said granny in the snow/

lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2016

Speed up, bodys!

It's little bit interesting topic of storys. Some of these are more interest than others. I got my new heart beat monitor just in this week. New and new, if it's second hand. It's traditional smart machine only with that feature. It's fashional how all stuff going to more hitech. My main topic is "how I training". I don't have any special diet now. Just trying clean it to better. My training schedule include aerobic and power training. One day is totally for rest.

                                                  Aerobic Training

Puff, taked myself :)
I'm training some different type aerobic 4 time per week. 3 time dancing and once per week for jogging. It's taking 1-3 hour per day, so not much from all of my time. I have now more aerobic than before.

Power Training

Included 3 times per week at gym. My focus now is in my middle- and on top of my body. I'm training in two small gym. Actually room, but no matter of size, right? Shortly and pretty.

I know some kind people is saying " food and training" it's conntecting each others, but we aren't rabbits. 

tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2016

From the locket door (My story)

You know these ladies, whose have beatyfull Luis Vuitton. They are hunting gay friends. That new friends is like Luis Vuitton for them. So, it's only pretty to show everybody "Look at me, I have something so really cool." Well, you have heard prettys mans are gays or alreaydy occupied. Well, if these "occupied" guys are really gays. What you say, if they are only handbag....

Handbag?!!! #Fressi
Okey, must to say, that was little too much. Ofcourse mans, you can make up if you like it!!  You don't need to think what other peoples is going to think. Just remember don't overdoing! I'm telling my store time by time. This isn't my "open doors" day. I know what I feel, it's enough for me. Mans can be prettys, but they can't really touch my heart. These are little different thinks. That is reason why I don't feel necessery for going to  adventure. It's sound very epic to say "follow your heart." But basically that is true, only you know the true. Btw, valentines day is coming, so no need to remember. Go to have to have fun with your friends and don't think that.

Theory of gays

This is only one theory. I'm really sure so many doctor and normal people have tryed find true of that. I can't say much, i don't know about ladies. I can tell...about YOU?!!

Well, Mike is lonely guy from liverpool. He have some nice friends and he is really busy with his work. So he don't have time for girls. He know ladies are complicated, they want so much, but not sure are they giving or not. He have readen from that one blog. Girls are like snow. They come or they not. But one think is sure. They will be gone, if anything is wrong. One day after work Mike was really tired and he was walking to home. He saw some really cute guy was walking too agains him. This guys looked to him so deep and when Mike was looking  and asking "what is going" that guy asked would you like go to coffee. Mike thinked why not, he not looked dangerous and not to typical gay. So they walked together to Mike's home and they drunk cup of coffee. Coffee was so good and they talked much. Later this cute guy said, what you think if we do something fun. -Why not....End of story ----You can google it. I believe there is solution for any taste. 

Okay, add your comment. Thanks of reading. 

Btw topic was only..

-Provokation is the best motivation- 

lauantai 30. tammikuuta 2016

Why to do notes at school?

Why to study, why upgrade your instagram, why to eat? That list is so long and only on one key word make solution to all that. That word is (..?!) motivation. Yeah, our all bad friend. It's not big motivation make notes at school, but in exam and specially after that you can see it worth it. I tested that in last autumn and must to say, it was good idea. Ofcourse some course gone totally to long way on mud.

Hehe, just training stuff..
So, next decision is trying study in that spring. It's going to hurt me, but remember you only live once. So, epic to say that.

So, you are going now to write down every word, which your teacher is going to say? Not necessery, you only need to learn find key things. Not only the motivation. It's may be some differens between uas and university ofcourse with others too. I know too, it's hard give oppurtunity for learning. You have all others amazing thinks. Dumpt these, and really start to enjoy of your life!!

Absolute it's good idea use your elektronic idea with studies, but basicaly it's 90% time something else all of time. Now I have started to train  my body too with more decision and focus. So, we can see what we get with it. I'm really excited, because I can see after as 2 week now is small small difference as old times. So, I will keep it going. Next focus is ofcoure food. I think, I writed about it before, so maybe some day time for other hobbies.

                              -Pus, pus, motivation is the prokation-

maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

My day in nature

Shooted somewhere from forest!
It's everytime little schock when you open the youtube and you see how many vloggers have published new videos. Maybe it's the time, the time when traditional blogs are dieng. You can feel how old you are and still same dump that before.

At last weeked was about -20c. It was look like we get more, so I decided now or never.  That day was nice to walking on the ice. I visited in Kallavesi and here was couple other people with me. My destiny was one open fire place at island. When I started to walk I choosed little wrong way to walk, but no problem google helped me back to right way. Anyway, I founded my destiny. I was really suprised I wasn't alone. So, I had fire already. Just some more wood, hot drinks from thermos.

 At last spring I visited in other open fire place, and there was one foreigner guy cooking banana with chocklad, so I tested it too. It was ok, sweety. One biggest mistake in that day was breakfast. Breakfast wasn't problem, because I didn't eaten it.

Note's to the next winter trip:

  • Eat good breakfast
  • Fireticks
  • Break clothes
  • Happy mind
Something not easy to remember, but there is some, which not always in my mind. 

Music hobbies are is still at freezy. I have couple ideas, but nothing ready. Maybe I need focus more to it. Let's remember spring is time of love and coming!

-Let's take grandmammys out of fridge!-

keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2016


Sometime is really hard to remember, which make me really to happy. Maybe now is time to complete year 2015. So much happened. Three biggest thinks. Loneless and how get friends, I learned to cook more and our small cat died. No many sad thinks, I see and always we have something good.

Too cold, no!
Like now I have wonderfull job place, school and couple friends, not good but still it. I have thinking to fire out of my job and focussing more to dancing. I love dancing too and I have meet many good people with it. I have growth so much with dancing, so that's why I have thinking to give more time for it. Please like if you like dancing too, specialy west coast swing. !!

If outside is really cold, don' say no. SAY yes it's may be good thinks. I love leaving with 4 seasons. Sometime itsn't feel good, but its's enjoyable.

Year 2016 have challenges, finally my second estonian trip untill Friday I'm going to book it. Learning more of that fantastic language and Swedish too.

-Be positive and you will get suprises-