keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2016


Sometime is really hard to remember, which make me really to happy. Maybe now is time to complete year 2015. So much happened. Three biggest thinks. Loneless and how get friends, I learned to cook more and our small cat died. No many sad thinks, I see and always we have something good.

Too cold, no!
Like now I have wonderfull job place, school and couple friends, not good but still it. I have thinking to fire out of my job and focussing more to dancing. I love dancing too and I have meet many good people with it. I have growth so much with dancing, so that's why I have thinking to give more time for it. Please like if you like dancing too, specialy west coast swing. !!

If outside is really cold, don' say no. SAY yes it's may be good thinks. I love leaving with 4 seasons. Sometime itsn't feel good, but its's enjoyable.

Year 2016 have challenges, finally my second estonian trip untill Friday I'm going to book it. Learning more of that fantastic language and Swedish too.

-Be positive and you will get suprises-

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