maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

My day in nature

Shooted somewhere from forest!
It's everytime little schock when you open the youtube and you see how many vloggers have published new videos. Maybe it's the time, the time when traditional blogs are dieng. You can feel how old you are and still same dump that before.

At last weeked was about -20c. It was look like we get more, so I decided now or never.  That day was nice to walking on the ice. I visited in Kallavesi and here was couple other people with me. My destiny was one open fire place at island. When I started to walk I choosed little wrong way to walk, but no problem google helped me back to right way. Anyway, I founded my destiny. I was really suprised I wasn't alone. So, I had fire already. Just some more wood, hot drinks from thermos.

 At last spring I visited in other open fire place, and there was one foreigner guy cooking banana with chocklad, so I tested it too. It was ok, sweety. One biggest mistake in that day was breakfast. Breakfast wasn't problem, because I didn't eaten it.

Note's to the next winter trip:

  • Eat good breakfast
  • Fireticks
  • Break clothes
  • Happy mind
Something not easy to remember, but there is some, which not always in my mind. 

Music hobbies are is still at freezy. I have couple ideas, but nothing ready. Maybe I need focus more to it. Let's remember spring is time of love and coming!

-Let's take grandmammys out of fridge!-

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