lauantai 30. tammikuuta 2016

Why to do notes at school?

Why to study, why upgrade your instagram, why to eat? That list is so long and only on one key word make solution to all that. That word is (..?!) motivation. Yeah, our all bad friend. It's not big motivation make notes at school, but in exam and specially after that you can see it worth it. I tested that in last autumn and must to say, it was good idea. Ofcourse some course gone totally to long way on mud.

Hehe, just training stuff..
So, next decision is trying study in that spring. It's going to hurt me, but remember you only live once. So, epic to say that.

So, you are going now to write down every word, which your teacher is going to say? Not necessery, you only need to learn find key things. Not only the motivation. It's may be some differens between uas and university ofcourse with others too. I know too, it's hard give oppurtunity for learning. You have all others amazing thinks. Dumpt these, and really start to enjoy of your life!!

Absolute it's good idea use your elektronic idea with studies, but basicaly it's 90% time something else all of time. Now I have started to train  my body too with more decision and focus. So, we can see what we get with it. I'm really excited, because I can see after as 2 week now is small small difference as old times. So, I will keep it going. Next focus is ofcoure food. I think, I writed about it before, so maybe some day time for other hobbies.

                              -Pus, pus, motivation is the prokation-

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