lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2016

Speed up, bodys!

It's little bit interesting topic of storys. Some of these are more interest than others. I got my new heart beat monitor just in this week. New and new, if it's second hand. It's traditional smart machine only with that feature. It's fashional how all stuff going to more hitech. My main topic is "how I training". I don't have any special diet now. Just trying clean it to better. My training schedule include aerobic and power training. One day is totally for rest.

                                                  Aerobic Training

Puff, taked myself :)
I'm training some different type aerobic 4 time per week. 3 time dancing and once per week for jogging. It's taking 1-3 hour per day, so not much from all of my time. I have now more aerobic than before.

Power Training

Included 3 times per week at gym. My focus now is in my middle- and on top of my body. I'm training in two small gym. Actually room, but no matter of size, right? Shortly and pretty.

I know some kind people is saying " food and training" it's conntecting each others, but we aren't rabbits. 

tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2016

From the locket door (My story)

You know these ladies, whose have beatyfull Luis Vuitton. They are hunting gay friends. That new friends is like Luis Vuitton for them. So, it's only pretty to show everybody "Look at me, I have something so really cool." Well, you have heard prettys mans are gays or alreaydy occupied. Well, if these "occupied" guys are really gays. What you say, if they are only handbag....

Handbag?!!! #Fressi
Okey, must to say, that was little too much. Ofcourse mans, you can make up if you like it!!  You don't need to think what other peoples is going to think. Just remember don't overdoing! I'm telling my store time by time. This isn't my "open doors" day. I know what I feel, it's enough for me. Mans can be prettys, but they can't really touch my heart. These are little different thinks. That is reason why I don't feel necessery for going to  adventure. It's sound very epic to say "follow your heart." But basically that is true, only you know the true. Btw, valentines day is coming, so no need to remember. Go to have to have fun with your friends and don't think that.

Theory of gays

This is only one theory. I'm really sure so many doctor and normal people have tryed find true of that. I can't say much, i don't know about ladies. I can tell...about YOU?!!

Well, Mike is lonely guy from liverpool. He have some nice friends and he is really busy with his work. So he don't have time for girls. He know ladies are complicated, they want so much, but not sure are they giving or not. He have readen from that one blog. Girls are like snow. They come or they not. But one think is sure. They will be gone, if anything is wrong. One day after work Mike was really tired and he was walking to home. He saw some really cute guy was walking too agains him. This guys looked to him so deep and when Mike was looking  and asking "what is going" that guy asked would you like go to coffee. Mike thinked why not, he not looked dangerous and not to typical gay. So they walked together to Mike's home and they drunk cup of coffee. Coffee was so good and they talked much. Later this cute guy said, what you think if we do something fun. -Why not....End of story ----You can google it. I believe there is solution for any taste. 

Okay, add your comment. Thanks of reading. 

Btw topic was only..

-Provokation is the best motivation-