tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2016

Way to Ice skating!

Like my second daily topic of Finnish winter nature. Well, today I visited on lake
My "weapons".
and skating. It was little bit interesting. You may know the feelign in the shop. Something come to your head. You wanna buy it. Well, I got that today. It was only 12€ happiness.  Skating shoes and blades for skating. One move jeans off and something more comfortable, ofcourse sunglasses too. This spring sun may steel your eyes.

First round was little paintfull, but after that I got real feelings and happiness. So enjoyfull.  It was really lovely to see young, olds, beginners ans professionels skating at the same two kilometres round. I was suprised how fast way it'st to move. Maybe need more training to look good.

Seesights :)
My other business going well, I have started my first couple lines of thesis. Btw, I have cat visitor and now writing in other place than usual.  I'm ordering something nice from Bluebiit webstore so be online. How about ebay? Would you like read about it?

-Forward said granny in the snow/

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