maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2016

Webstore shopping and Salmiakki Vichy!

I think this is my first story writen from inside of bus. I got my bluediit stuff at last week and now I have them. I bought two power banks, sd- memory card, headphones etc. So, many thinks. I don't never had any ideas how usual powerbank can be. No stress anymore about elecktrocity. I use it to charge mobile and travel modem. It's too small for my tablet. It's have 5200 mha's.

It's really can see how technology going on everyday. For exemple, when I bought my first tablet, I used it for music, games and for videos. Now I'm writings novels and using so many wireless stuff with it. I have started to use regularry spotify's, deezers and soundclouds just these days. So, new world and same time feel myself to old. Spotify was new many years agon. Only one minus is one missing product. Bluebiit promised send that later at confirmation of order.

Travel kit pt1. 
From wireless to wireles. I have loved to my new bluetooth headset. It's really comfortable use. For exemple in Kitchen or visiting at toilet no need any more worries about wiress. I'm sure it's good for running. It's maken to close, when you don't hear any extra sounds or others can't lissen your private parties. That make smashbasses bad for biking. It's may make your driving to too comfortable.
I love that bass and qualition of the sound. I founded that product with lower price from other store. There is one problem in buiying elecktronics from China. You can't be 100% of your total and you don't have any quarantee and bluebiit have already tested product to give the best experience for you.

I was suprised, when I found 24/7 open store from centrum of Helsinki at easter. From there I founded that Salmiakki Vichy. It's tasting to soft and ligh salmiakki isn't hard. It's maybe too soft. That drink isn't for everyday, but I can drink that when I want relax without alcohol. Btw, it's maked in Finland, which is really good thinks and congrulations at your celebration Vichy!

I visited also in two national park so I will write fairystalys of these soon.

-Way to up isn't gray-

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