torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2016

Camping days!

In bus?!
So, are it's actually real camp, if you sleep at hotel? Just time thinking what is really doind, where to sacrifise time. Blog, thesis, youp... Life is filled of decision. I have thinked pass again my Finnish blog. Too much crush is too much. Best feelings came after have done something good. I visited a while agon in Estonia.

I had couple hour in bus before going to ferry. It was my first time at top of second floor. You know the Onnibusse's. Yeah right there. It's bit of interesting to go earlier to everywhere. Not like 5 minute meaning 2-3 hour. I'm not saying it's my normal life, just when travelling after bus etc. always is some day. Ofcourse it's fantastic time to look out city and hang out.

Sometime these day, just thinking are people focussing everyplace to share only to
share with others. It's feel for me better, if focus only for the moment. That have affected to my decision to use more my classic phone. Real deep thinks. I was at dance camp in Estonia. It's was really awesome classes and parties, meet new peoples maybe got some new friends. Let's see what time give for us. More West coast swing I hope.

I visited today at Seppälä. Yes, I bought too many products, but it was supersale, half out from sale prices. Awesome. Well, not more this time. See you guys.

-Bang, bang-

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