perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2016

Summer time! and some favourites of spring

Not sure Have I told, but Summer is here!! One of my spring drinks is rhubarb Vodka. Never did't know How hard liquire is that good. Btw, I said unlegal word so waiting Finnish coverment coming to ban my blog. Then I can know too, where my lonely reader sitting every minute. Today I'm writing about spring favourites and sorry little bit bad quality of photos. Btw I'm making new traing plan summer, so it's will come soon.

Bag with glasses
I have some new sunglasses by ebay, but these are still favourites. These are perfect to use with all clothes. This bag is maybe fake not sure. I love that baf, it's my favourite. It's actually my manbag. There is some usefull thinks. I'm mostly using it when I'm going to practise place.

These are two thinks which not necessery to use but very usefull. Escpecially at biking Sunglasses are good thinks. It's very easy to get bugs and cruh to eyes. Without car, you need to put thinks somewhere. No more explanations to man bag.

Some new thinks ofcourse. Not my favourite shirt and shorts. Well, no anything
special from these and ofcourse shoes. Pictures will tell more. It's see, it's worthless to do summer training post. 

Summer is summer what ever you are doing. I'm spending it mostly at office. It not worriest plan, new experiences etc.  One of spring favourite thinks are studies. Except thesis all is going well. Nice to see it, because not reall belive to it at all time. Okey, I will left some empty space. See you.

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2016

Hunting losed motivation, first training week and more

Well, we can start from my workpractiseplace. It's started at good way. Basically it was normal office staff. Actually it's boring, but unluckily I'm too old. Yeah, these are good way to see new guy working methodis and giving some time to start working. I have some prejudices to company industry. Yeah, it's still telemarketing, may fun. I don't have founded anything better than it. I work at customer service and administrional deparment. It give new seesight to telemarketing. It's really interesting to see "behind the scene" thinks. Well, more later. 

Summer is coming!?
It's really noising to hear about young guys and girls are crush. Must to say it's crush. Sad to say (NOT ALL!) have losed they motivation. This sickness is infectious disease. Our life is too soft, we are getting all to free. Money, food, aparment and ofcourse sex. All is so easy, you have offices and social offices (Bars). Well it took time to realise that. That is my problem too, with thesis. I don't have got really feel I'm studing. School have been actually easy, ofcourse some hard tasks. Mostly. I have realized that and now I have maken problem to solve. This is going more to deep secret deparment. I'm not sure do I wanna peoples to know? Well, now I had to do. Today I'm going to sleep, tomorrow working, dancing and some time to read school books. 

Actucally, I have losed from my mind the more thinks from topic. Well, just remember work for your life, life at the moment. 

-This is your life, problems is for solving!!-

keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2016

Moment to talkin about mobile

This all elektric thinks is going faster and faster to foward, but some thinks is crush. Why do should make beta versions, why can't test at small group first. First is this NFC-fast paying. We have actually one good version at it, others more than less betas. There is some systems, which are like differents style. Finland is just small country it's better for all, if we can have good system. One security, fast, cheap and easy. Actually mostly thinks are security and goods. This one banks have best system at moment and yeah it's biggest bank, so they have money for it. I have account in smaller and ofcourse in this bigger bank. I may order second bank card to get my mobile wallet to work. It's not big deal.

By fotolia <
It's have still bad security, but lot of better than in mobile stickers and you can use secundary bank account to keep safe part of your moneys. Basically that is good thinks and I'm going to use it too, maybe it's mistake. Only need to look forward. So short text again.