lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2016

Teen vloggers

Some kind peoples is saying youngs haven't any pressures to clothes or to outfit. I think it's going more and more all time. One good exemple is teen girls vloggers. They make all time unboxing, and favourites videos. Some way they are like superstars today. They are making pressure to everybody to look good. It's not sure are they looking good or are they something between else. It's also unbeliveble, how much clothes they buyign regularly. It's not bad only, because world is going on day by day.

I have also started to think the hippie's thinks at last days. I also realize couple europians can't do much agains miljards people at another regions. Every think is possible when set it to focus and make it to real.

Short text and short life. Keep it going!