lauantai 30. joulukuuta 2017


Moi, all!

It's almost last day of 2017 left. Thesis have been journey not the biggest, but the hardest. It's not ready yet, but I'm feeling hopeful. I just need to pull myself up to get it ready. This year have been really different than any of before. I don't have been at school at daytime. 2018 is first year, when I have plans for my life. I wanna make them to true. My current year 2017 have gave tools for it.

I have started to skiing and I also bought my own tools. These help me to shoot more miracles place for you. Let's look to the magic of Finland!

sunnuntai 17. joulukuuta 2017


Moi, all!

I'm sitting at the buss and on the way to my home. Dance, West Coast Swing it's make me move. We had really inspirited lessons with so many details. These are small small, but make our dance so much better.

Jyväskylä also have their own 100 %  plant based shop-cafe. This place is so amazing! Jyväskylä is small city at the all, but here so many options to be friendly for our earth.  Anyway, I bought seitanroast and aspartame free bubblegum. Bubblegum tasting more real. It's also without sugar.


I eaten lens steak burger and sweet potato fries. It was with black bred. Flavors was really good, fresh and fries was crispy and sweet. Perfect. There is also negative point; Consist was a bit crumpling.

I took tea and mint brownie for desert. There is few pictures.

perjantai 15. joulukuuta 2017


Moi, all! I have resting day today. I had dentist and I gone to talk with my boss. I have also good news. I'm going back to customer service at next week. Well, I'm working there part time, but mostly there is lot of to do. My secondary task is going to be time booker. I'm don't wanna use Vegan- term anymore. I can use, if I need to spell it for my food selection, but not to any other purpose. I hate plastic and it's my big problem. Before I gone vegan, I found non plastic products and changing my diet was next step. After I found Zeowaste, my life have been more simple and I have been thinking more of my choose. Leather in shoes feel better than plastic. Like these small chooses can change my life. Today, I'm sharing my 5 point to zerowaste. I know these may not matter, but no one not saying all.

My phone background.
1. RE-USE all what y have. Don't buy or make new shampoos. Use your all old clothes, cosmetic and food away. It's first point to think twice before buying anything.

2. Bye, Bye plastics bags. No anymore plastic for fruits, vegetables, bread. Use cloth bag. Y can also get materials from your old clothes.

3. Buy more responsible. There is options for recycle packages, more recyclable options of products. If you can't buy zerowaste. please and taste more responsible options. After you are ready take small steps to your journey.

4. I'm vegetarian and vegetarian food is better for our environment. I'm not perfect yet and steps have been small. It's been almost one year! Take your first meat free day. Take your first week. You don't need to be perfect.

5. Go to second hand. Second hand stores have great and almost new clothes. You can find your style.

Enjoy of your journey to Zerowaste!

tiistai 5. joulukuuta 2017


Finland is celebrating today. We have been 100 year independent country. It have been long journey from small nation to this day.  Finland is changing and we can just dream of next 100 year. Europe have been peaceful so long. Some peoples may thing; "We are forced to be at peace." Second treat is evolution. Countryside is going to more empty. What is the our lifestyle. What we are going to do. Anyway we can be proud for Finland. We have had our challenges and victories and we are going to future. Anything can happen until tomorrow, so let's celebrate for it. We have earned it.  There is few words, which imagine perfectly of our home.

Funky. Finland have great groove and our special music is metal and rock like Nightwish, Amorphis and The Rasmus. We have also great young popstar Alma.
Inspiration. We are exporting around the earth with Fiskars, Suunto, Linux, Moomins, Nokia, Supercell, Angry Birds and many other companies from Finland. We have done and we are doing it again every day to get "Wow".
Nudity. Finnish peoples feel and are comfort to be naked. Together, alone and anywhere. We have also specific place, Sauna.
Lakes. We don't even know how many we have.  Mostly says, We have approximately 187 000 lakes. Should we go to counting round?
Anonymous. We don't hide our faces, but it's possible in Finland. We like sometime to stay alone and then we are like anonymous. We can even take last name out of our doors to stay silent. We can be somewhere, but no-one know anything of us.
Nature. We have amazing nature. We don't just have thousands lakes. We also have forest, lot of it. We got our 40th national park at this year. It's perfectly symbol of Finland. Silence, nature, lakes. You can read more of Hossa at BBC website.
Darkness. We don't have daylight at Lapland in Winters. Winter is anyway dark at Finland. Summer is lightly, happy even rainy, but anyway it's Finnish summer. 

No words without pictures:

Part of rebuild Old Turku
Aurajoki, Turku. There is oldest cathedral of city at backgroud.

Pyynikki, Tampere. 
Stockman corner, Kolmesepän statue, Helsinki.

Sights to Kuopio.

sunnuntai 3. joulukuuta 2017


Moi everybody! I was making fresh porridge few days ago and I failed it. I put too much ginger powder to it, so I couldn't eat it. I found it today and easiest way to re-use porridge is put it to rolls or  bread dough.


3 cup Plant based milk or water
15-25 g Yeast
1 pinch Salt
 ½ pinch Sugar
6-8 cup Flours
1 cup Oatmeal
1-2 Persimmon
1 tbs Ginger powder
1 cup Oil


Fresh porridge
1. Soak yeast in the "hand warm" liquid. I used Almond-milk and you can also use anything else.

2. Add sugar, salt, oatmeal, ginger powder and crushed persimmon pieces to liquid. I used my fresh porridge at this step. Normally, I don't have oatmeal's in my home. So, I used just basic meals. I crushed persimmons with fork. Fresh ginger or ginger juice is possible to replace ginger powder.

3. Add flours to dough. There you should add flours cup by cup to get perfect consist. After flours add oil. I used rapeseed oil to my dough.

4. Let it rise up for 1 h under of cloth.

5. Make your own size breads/rolls and rise up them again at oven (or any hot place) under 50 C degree about 20-30 min.

5. Bake them 10-12 minutes at 225 C degree.

6. Enjoy!

- Open your world and Re-use it!-

lauantai 2. joulukuuta 2017


Moi, all! I think Finland is some kind wonderland of recycling. We have really good basement for it. We can recycle bio, metal, class and even the plastic. Plastic isn't possible to recycle at everyplace, but is going to be common. Anyway Finland is small country and we can't totally change the world alone, but I'm happy bigger ideas come from outside. We have just few places to buy bulk goods. I think, it'll be next step at our journey. I don't have bought much stuff to my own cans. It's also great many companies is with earth for example Lush re-use plastics and they have great Christmas campaign. They have promised to reduce packing trash. That is the Finland, where I wanna live. Companies and consumers works each together to reduce waste.

I have done small thinks recently and these can be separated posts, but I'm going to collapse them to November update.

Oatly. Oat-Orange-Mango drink
First, I make re-use fruit bag from light curtain. I don't have machine for sewing, so it's took bit time. I also bought second have bag from bag from internet, which will be suitable for that purpose. I can do bags  from any material, but I think it's bit kindly to let sales person easily to see inside. I didn't used all of curtain. I may do more from it or I can save it for some other purposes.

Secondly, That product from Oatly is so delicious and I love it. I wound it some week ago and I also found it from my home city. Awesome! It's really taste to orange-mango and there isn't much taste of Oat. This brand have many other new products too.

Third, Finish artist is back with his new song. Pikku G Solmussa and you can lissen it from spotify. Well, there isn't much to say of that song. Just listen and feel it.

Winter is here! 

Fourth, I found Lush first time few year ago. Then I didn't decided to buy, but I remembered it at my last visit in Helsinki. Then I din't realize, how great Lush really is. 80 % of products are vegan. The bear cream wasn't vegan, but I'm gonna taste it. At the all products give respect for animals and nature.  I already told they re-use plastic and y can return some of their plastic boxs, after y have used the product.

Fifth, We got snow! I hope it keep white to xmas.

I have thinking lot of recycling recently and it's also theme of Decemper. Now Christmas is coming and I hope you guys aren't too stressed at few next weeks.

Btw, I edited post, because I have already done update for November. December have already started and it's good to remember be ecologic with the presents.

 See you soon!

lauantai 25. marraskuuta 2017


Our life is really comfortable and we are going to lose our touch to reality. That is my opinion, but we have signs to it everywhere. Vegans and Zerowaste- peoples is taking back-steps and trying to show the reality for other peoples. Bumber cars is one example, because we have count these are more unhealthly for our earth. Anyway, we need to take even small steps to achieve our goal. We should set healthier earth for our child, to our goal. I'm sure we are going to have better batteries really soon. Lithium-Ion Stihl lightning battery system, is giving hope for earth. Stihl is manufacturing chain saws for example. I'm not innocent and I still have lot of to do.

 I fail, sometime, but I need to take time and go on. I know, I don't speak fluently English. I realized that also today, when I was trying to make some translation with our community. I know, it may be good, but "just good" isn't enough. First, Finnish come inside of me and I got depress. One second later, I decided to do more for it. I'm going to be older day by day. My next goal is read first book at English. I have started many book, but never finished them.

-Sky is open-
I have had many ideas recently. Mostly of them is "How to be perfect?" Well, I can't be perfect, but it's necessary to walk with small steps. It's like dance, small step looks better and these help us to achieves destiny.

"This school is mistake" and "I wont be here", 
I have been thinking these lines recently. I was forced to move on few year ago and now I need to do it myself. I need to remember it and finish my school to go next page. I can fail it, but now it time to SUCCESS.

We are feeling comfortable and we are scaring to step out. What is outside. Actually, we are just scaring of losing. I need to be ready for losing. I can lose, I can scare, I can be punched. Our life may not be same after it, but it'll going on with small steps.

perjantai 17. marraskuuta 2017

Second life (November- Update)

Moi all,

It's have been while from my last post. I'm not working right now, but time have gone so fast. Time have gone with games, Netflix and tinder. It's not the best way to spend time. I took time out at this week. I took time to get time from my ordinary life. Actually, I was also scared to go see strange person, but everything gone well. Emotions is our enemies. I started to think and I don't wanna that much just sex than before. I think this is the  main topic of this month and second one is buying food. Sometimes it's feel so hard to find really good food or at least something what I would like to eat.

It's not only emotions right now. I have been with different friends before, even had few. I have been internet and so fucked how stupid peoples really are. But it's only my choose to find something better and different. I need to find something, which isn't annoying me.

Our life is like that alternative Christmas at that picture. We can be and we can change our life to alternative. I have found new sides from. I have started to read Forbes.

There was huge article of  Mr Trump and he not look like that bad guy what our medias get us to imagine. It's true, he is businessman and may not that good with politic.

I hope we see soon.

maanantai 25. syyskuuta 2017


Moi all. Summer is gone. It’s not mean loneless and coldness is here. Love and fire is medice to our problems. I have only found fire. This Autumn is having more emptiness than before. I have thinking move to somewhere else, but it have maken me to enjoy more of time here.  Small region lifestyle is something amazing. We have nothing, but we have all what we are needing. No more words today.

sunnuntai 3. syyskuuta 2017


August is always part of summer, but now I really feel deeply. Autumn isn't sad or anything, but it's always part of life, when you feel life is going just for nothing. You are going to thinks for nothing. Without any point. If you are doing something, you do it because it's mandatory. We have to go on and need to do changes. I'm getting older and needing new thinks than before. First time of my years, I miss peoples. I'm not also going to school. I know, I can go to student party, hunt daddies, but these not for me.

Do it, where you wanna do it!
It's hurt let something go on. Music have been always part of my life, but I have decided to make end for it. Maybe I'm gonna continue later, but it's not feel good right now. I have always done something emptiness and it's have steel time from matters. So, that mean I'm not gonna stop to listen it. I have been creator about 7 year and now I'll have officially break. I continue, when it feel good. 

My life is going to emptiness. Be ready to open your heart, get slapped. Do it again.

Today was very inspiration post at local newspaper. We can get new friends also from other services not just from student parties. I hope it may work, but I'm afraid. We are students and we wanna hangout ourselfs sometimes. We need get thinks out of mine. Alcohol and other mad peoples are the best combination. I'm dancer, and I know it can be hard sometime. If you want to focus for something and you really do all for it. You need focus. It's not same than drinking. Alcohol force your brains to relax. I know sport work with someones and with right combination it's time out from normal life.

I'm also having some on my mind about veganism, plastic. Let's keep focus in our mind!

Plastic destroy the world and vegan products have lot of plastic. So, I try find out way to be vegan and give respect for earth. Small steps for children of our children.

I'm not that old... yet... 

Recycles bottles is good step to decrease of use of plastic. It's our choose aluminium, plastic or glass. I'm not sure which is the best. I will choose the one, which more than twice. My choose is steel and glass. I still need to do much work for decrease waste of plastic.

See you guys and girls!

sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. Summer 2017 is official over. We had harvesting parties at last weekend and weather have gone calmer. We are always saiyng it's end of something, but it's actually beginning of new... or you are just healing your hangover right now.  Autumn is coming. We are getting new colors and life's. Schools is beginning again, holiday season is over soon.

We had  night of arts, harvesting parties and carnival at our port, right here at Kuopio.  
There was many vegan food options and my choose was food with part of local tories. That was called to Beetroot Tacos. It was perfectly spice and tasty with lime-yoghurt.

I really can recommend it, if you are gonna find it.

Maybe that restaurant, Intro choose it to their menu.

Below is few pictures from Kuopio Museum.

sunnuntai 20. elokuuta 2017

TEACHERS LIKE CANDY -Tanssi vieköön 2017 #3

Moi all, the workshop weekend is over and I'm sitting at train to home. I have also bought new bluetooth keyboard. I had one before, but this is more tiny. I know,  my fingers will get comfort with it.  This weekends was really good. Party at Friday was super and saturday wasn't that good. Then was also competitions.  There was so many thinks to see and for tasting. I'm focussing to feeling at this post. I have also posted short posts earlier at this weekend.

I really enjoid. This weekend was combination of fun, challenges, technic and also smooth swing. I have losen my swing, but I found it again at last lessons of weekend.  It may feel nonsene to talk about motivation and inspirate to  peoples, but sometime we small dancers from landscape are losen. We come to big city and bigger workshop and we see, feel and love dancer's who really know DANCE. It's true we need also technic to get our smooth work. Jordan and Tatjana mostly teached technic and Benji more visualize and also technic at saturday. It's good we are not learning only patterns. We may learn these, but we don't learn how to lead or follow these. I have danced many years and sometime some peoples get higher results at shorter time. It's motivate and also let's to think; What I'm doing wrong? I think we only need get our style and make it look good.

All lessons was at english, it's nice to see how I can understand all. When  I started my blog, I barely knew what is english. It also give more oppurtunies at normal life. I really like Helsinki. Before I wont to move there, but this weekend gave new opinion for me. It's also chocked someplace was almost easier speak english than finnish. I can survire with it. Below is some xtra pictures. See you later,  My damn hug beasts!

lauantai 19. elokuuta 2017


Moi all and welcome to second part of my jorney blog. Time in Helsinki have been really awesome. Here is so many thinks to see or for taste. Street art, food, food, and the of city culture have diferences than countryside. Now I only can plan my next visit here. Let´s go to pictures!

pole dancing


torstai 17. elokuuta 2017

KILLER PIGEON -Tanssivieköön 2017 #1

Moi, all and welcome to my journey. Day have began some hours agon and after break it's continuing  to capital. Bigger cities always feel different and I'm just at Jyväskylä. The Finnish Athens, the city where gods are killer pegions. They are shooting cars with theirs laser eyes.

Every busses don't have electricity for custoners. First bus had, but second buss is without it for longer distance. Confusing. Here we go few pictures from Jyväskylä and from the buss.

sunnuntai 13. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. I think this is third
grocery back. Actually i bought these products from specialized store, Punnitse ja Säästä.

There is:
Nutritional yeast
Vegan Cheddar snacks
Two different kind chocolate
Chick noodles
Dryed Papayas

I'm also writing sort reviews about these. Monsters have five small packet in the box and I'm not sure what these are. I would like eat these with yogurt or just like snack, when wanna something small and sweet. These taste sweet and I wont eat too much. Easy and delicious.

Vegan Cheddar snacks: These are really like non-vegan products. First taste is more healthier, but the cheese come bit later. These isn't make me eat too much.

I love nuts chocolate from Ichoc. There was nougat taste, which wasn't that good, but ready to taste next one.  Orange is fresh and tasty. I really like it.

Coconut and raspberry chocolate from Seed and Bean. That taste more to traditional dark chocolate. Raspberry really tasty perfectly on it. I really like that.

I don't have test chick noodles yet. So see you guys at next time!

keskiviikko 9. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all Autumn is achieving us. It's not mean summer is over, not at the all. Just the feelings, summer is finally here. Night without night is best part of Scandinavia and Finland. I would like to go to feel it.  Nights is magical here and I would like to feel more. There was Krista Siegfrids again after four yeah. Well she may been here after these day, but especially for me. You know it ;)   Just be REAL and explore it!