perjantai 31. maaliskuuta 2017

WINTER DAY 2017 part2.

Hello everybody and I hope you having great friday evening. We have got more snow at this week and some freezing also. This week have gave positive power also. I heard, I have summer job at Ikea. Well, need to get contract... At specially I dated one of my old friend and we had so good time.  I had also blind dates. I will tell more later, maybe. Tuesday we had sunny afternoon, so after my work day we gone for some walking on ice. Speaking and speaking, just watch pics. Vegan chooses are going all way to better. Jut forgot friday. Then all is good.

Btw, we had also banana with chocolate, vegan teaks, bread and some treats. That was so good. I would like to test vegan sausages. I will make another post just for food.

maanantai 27. maaliskuuta 2017


Screenshot, COK
Internet and mobile games have gave so many good sides too. I have wasted time, got friends and learnt languages. When I started studying at UAS, I spoken English so less. That much than Swedish now and itn's suitable to use word "much". I played only Clash of Kings. I'm calling it to COK later. I just can say, I was addicted. COK really started to control my time in school, home, everywhere. It was suitable for me. I didn't had any friends, I used all time with cok. It's like all of life, I got friends from there and I'm going visit to one guy. That is just maybe, but I wanna do it at few next year. If you reading still and waiting mention of "china". I'm not here talking about chineses players. I also remember THE day when they arrived to cok.

This isn't my victory
I'm guy between generations. I don't have bornt cellphone in my hand or drunk bits from mother milk. Other way, I have grow up in higher speed developing mobiles and computers. This all is explosed at last ten year. I'm also testing new thinks and technology.

There is ofcourse one other way. I'm also addicted to my phone, but I wanna keep it simple OR more not. Actually, I write at computer, music from tablet and there is also phone just now.

The mostly important is your choose. Can you control or not. Mobile games can be like cracks and destroy your life.

lauantai 25. maaliskuuta 2017


Vegetarian food is actually new interesting journey. Always can find new and more interesting combination. Tofu-Banana, "omelette" is so cool and delicious!

Portion for one person:

About 150 g Tofu
1 Banana
(I used linseeds too)
Salt and herbs

Slice banana and make tofu to small pieces.  You should fry in pan. 


I suggest also to test frozen bananas. Receipt's suggest "over night froze". I'm testing about 8-9h and  then I will eat it. I will smooth it with almond milk and raw chocolate.  Please, leave your mixtures to below.  I like to see, if you wanna more vegan receipts.

tiistai 21. maaliskuuta 2017

My Spotify playlist

It's fact spotify is most popular in Finland. Deezer it's good challenger. One teleoperator give offers for it sometimes, but anyway I dont' have heard anyone is using it. If you use it, you can share it below. I can say, I use Deezer. I use it only in my Lumia. Spotify not work always, but in home I use spotify via my tablet.

Why I like more Spotify

Playlist work better on there and it's easier to find new music. Spotify have also better visualising. Deezer works better on mobile and have better advertisements. 

You can find my playlist here.  I'm updating sometimes it, when I found new exciting music. 

It contains many kind music part of english, but mostly is finnish. Secondly music come from Sweden. Just now there is just few. Anw, I should update it for you. Other english music come from wcs. These song make me love more dance, make me move at my flat. I'm sure you will find some new favourites from there.

Music means many thinks for me. Sometime relax, power or calming down. Today I visited in job interview. Ed shreen's Shape of my, I'm saying nothing more, shake it, shake it. 

sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017


Kuvan kaappaus googlen etusivusta
Today is Minna Cant's day. I'm living in Kuopio and she one  of famous persons from here. It's really nice to see how she really moderate Finland like Agricola few hundred year before. Always are so many persons, who wanna impress peoples. But that is different than change life of futures. Blogger and vloggers could be that. It's possible, when we really do it from our heart. Minna Canth worked for freedom to speech. We gone to right way, but we need keep it, use it.

But topic this is not only click-bait.Click-Bait is good example to see how our language are developing. I will take one more sentence. Minna Canth was excellent writer and some kind social activist. 

Just to see, every one have their personnel space.

I have eaten, Ofcourse and later I will make my thesis. At least Winter day is not only sitting inside. So I visited at lake. Not ski or walk, just running. I really love run with shorts winter and I did it.

It's like miracle to see every year how spring arrice. Middle on snow and ice is just small free place. Welcome swans.

lauantai 18. maaliskuuta 2017

New year, new mood

Hi, everybody it's have been so long time of my last blog. I have one exiting new thinks. IT'S REAL WINTER. Yeah, this winter we have so much snow, not that much freezing, but snow is so cool. I feel this saturday evening and I have already writen two finnish blogs.  I have been think, I should write more often here. Life is good all is good and BLA, BLA, BLAA. Actually no one not interest that. My life is still lazy thesis, work, job searching, dreaming and sex. Always is good time to say sex, sex and sex etc.

I don't have used english at last time and I really feel how it's going to low my ability to use it. Ofcourse, I tested netxlif, hbo and so more, but it's too easy to turn on subitles, Next time I will have something to tell you.

I have focused more to dance during that break. I have wanted to be rockstar, but dancing is my first focused idea. I have bought new gym training plan just for dance. It's really great to see, how it helps me.

Well, you will see my next text. I hope soon too.