maanantai 27. maaliskuuta 2017


Screenshot, COK
Internet and mobile games have gave so many good sides too. I have wasted time, got friends and learnt languages. When I started studying at UAS, I spoken English so less. That much than Swedish now and itn's suitable to use word "much". I played only Clash of Kings. I'm calling it to COK later. I just can say, I was addicted. COK really started to control my time in school, home, everywhere. It was suitable for me. I didn't had any friends, I used all time with cok. It's like all of life, I got friends from there and I'm going visit to one guy. That is just maybe, but I wanna do it at few next year. If you reading still and waiting mention of "china". I'm not here talking about chineses players. I also remember THE day when they arrived to cok.

This isn't my victory
I'm guy between generations. I don't have bornt cellphone in my hand or drunk bits from mother milk. Other way, I have grow up in higher speed developing mobiles and computers. This all is explosed at last ten year. I'm also testing new thinks and technology.

There is ofcourse one other way. I'm also addicted to my phone, but I wanna keep it simple OR more not. Actually, I write at computer, music from tablet and there is also phone just now.

The mostly important is your choose. Can you control or not. Mobile games can be like cracks and destroy your life.

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