perjantai 31. maaliskuuta 2017

WINTER DAY 2017 part2.

Hello everybody and I hope you having great friday evening. We have got more snow at this week and some freezing also. This week have gave positive power also. I heard, I have summer job at Ikea. Well, need to get contract... At specially I dated one of my old friend and we had so good time.  I had also blind dates. I will tell more later, maybe. Tuesday we had sunny afternoon, so after my work day we gone for some walking on ice. Speaking and speaking, just watch pics. Vegan chooses are going all way to better. Jut forgot friday. Then all is good.

Btw, we had also banana with chocolate, vegan teaks, bread and some treats. That was so good. I would like to test vegan sausages. I will make another post just for food.

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