sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017


Kuvan kaappaus googlen etusivusta
Today is Minna Cant's day. I'm living in Kuopio and she one  of famous persons from here. It's really nice to see how she really moderate Finland like Agricola few hundred year before. Always are so many persons, who wanna impress peoples. But that is different than change life of futures. Blogger and vloggers could be that. It's possible, when we really do it from our heart. Minna Canth worked for freedom to speech. We gone to right way, but we need keep it, use it.

But topic this is not only click-bait.Click-Bait is good example to see how our language are developing. I will take one more sentence. Minna Canth was excellent writer and some kind social activist. 

Just to see, every one have their personnel space.

I have eaten, Ofcourse and later I will make my thesis. At least Winter day is not only sitting inside. So I visited at lake. Not ski or walk, just running. I really love run with shorts winter and I did it.

It's like miracle to see every year how spring arrice. Middle on snow and ice is just small free place. Welcome swans.

 Like every fun this will be over. I loses my motivation to running some month ago. Anyway I knew, I'll be back and I bought new shoes. That is just, because my body is addicted to move on. This winter have been time to new changes. More focused gym training, dancing and vegan days.I'm not real vegan, because sometime I eat dairy products etc.

This is end of my winter day blog. I hope you got, how I enjoyed it. Clock is now only 2 pm, so isn't over. Time for food, movies and some not fun. See you next time.

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