sunnuntai 30. huhtikuuta 2017

Day of communist celebration

Just sort and few words today. Tomorrow is day of communist. We don't think it that way. Actually is day of workers and drunk students. We are celebrating it at one week or is just reason for drink. Anyway, I'm not taking much time for writing.

I'm unemployed for couple week. My job ended at last friday and my next will start after couple week. SO PARTYY!! and some bookkeeping, thesis and flat cleaning. Anyway today is end of April and at next month I will write my spring favors.

So, see you guys and garls soon!

keskiviikko 26. huhtikuuta 2017


There was nice design market at last weekend, btw I have posted some pictures to Instagram. It's good to show peoples what is finnish design and we are not just china copy users. I thought, I make lifestyle blog and just now I have mostly food stuff mostly. Today I chancing it. I have got new ideas for thesis, so my studies is over, when it's finished. That mean also I need to move out from student apartment. Below is some small thinks from my home. Some facts; Size is 21 squares= tiny and compact. I love this size, I only need more size for soffa.

I really like bake much. I like bake weird stuff and test new favors. Sometime basic is basic and so good.

I don't like cook that much. My cooking is style food and asap.

The Teddy
I'm not actually plant guy. I mostly have had some herb and flower at summer.

I got cactus at last Autum. Part of Ikea also. Plant of picture is from Ikea.

I have corner windows and I like keep plants there and summer time they live at my french balcony.

sunnuntai 23. huhtikuuta 2017

Vegetarianfood Attracting Omnivores

It's felt like translating Harry Potter. Omnivores? I visited at grocery store today. This store is actually secret heaven for vegans. There is so many products, which are vegans. There isn't some product like as at other stores. Should we need same food every day? You can find vegan ice-cream, pizza and canned food. This store have some soya product, but unfortunately some including eggs. I will present three product below from Lidl. Lidl is Germany grovery store and locating around of Europe.

First there is freezed pizza. Flavor is tomato, garlic, basilica. Taste is really fleshly and lightly. I don't suggest to eat, when you are so hungry. 

Tip for home cookers. Pizza will be better filled with your extra favors. 

 Sorbet isn't like ice-cream, but frozen and so yumyum. It's mystery why finnish love eat cold at winter. 

It's taste like strawberry and there is bit berries inside. Lemon is another favor of this sorbet.

These food isn't only for hippies, so everybody can eat these. Omivores are into to vegan-food. 

Parnisp crips, I say only awesome! These are from season selection and it's nice to find different snacks. There is also super lovely oats snacks. Lidl really surprising us!

Meat-lovers should be aware. Every store is taking of this trend and having more and more vegetarian and vegan options.

Next week is last one at my job place and I'll have some week full holiday before next one. Well, I'm going tomorrow to sign my contract.  Always is time for another post.

Dance news: I have started to train "Hula-Hula" koreografia. It's actually short and easy, but no one can't know what I do with it.

sunnuntai 16. huhtikuuta 2017


I still hate UNCUTTED screenshots. Credits go to ˆˆ 
"Finland 100 year, go back to Israel" or "Make Finland great again" Rebuclic Alko!!

 It's fact, every culture have captured this year. Well, I don't have heard any nazism starting campaign. This is blog for dancing and if you don't have ever danced, keep reading.

This year is specially for dance. We have so many good events and moments to show it. We should use this year for dance revolution. Actually I mean revolution for dance culture.  We should make dancing to cool again. Ladies , please, make legend to live; "Dancer guys gets ladies"....

One wrong impression is "But I can't dance, because I'm not good enough. Remember you not need to be pro. You only need to have fun. Lessons is lessons and parties is PARTY!!!! I have had so many good dances, when I didn't knew what I do or with newbies. Don't worry also of drinks. This is revolution; Drink if you like. Remember, Real mans dance!

When you start dance, be brave and taste all. You can break, shake your body,  hot salsa, smooth tango, wild and cool rockabilly or capture biggest hits for West Coast Swing,

I will write more of my dancing at future posts.

-If you have learned to walk, You can dance.-

perjantai 14. huhtikuuta 2017


Sound amazing "here is only nothing for vegans". Vegobox is great way to crush that wall. We don´  t need any new walls. Turkey, China and maybe Mexico is enough.

I think mostly of these products not available at Finland. So, this is great adventure for us. Best stores to find Vegan food is Ruohonjuuri and countryside have Punnitse & Säästä. These stores have healthly food for everybody, even to meatlovers. Healthier and fresh taste is best part of vegan snacks and junk food. I realize price per kg is bit expensive than at non-vegan. Mostly quality is really good.

Vegobox is gift from Swedish to vegans. This is vegan food mysterybox and including at least 7 products. Price is about 24 €.

I got extra mystery box at this month, because formal box was sold out.  We are going vegan style unbox. I really wanna enjoy of these products, So, I didn´  t opened all treats  today. Generally snacks had less fat and tasted it. It´ s take time integrate for new feelings and flavours. At the all I tasted the real flavours. That is just my opinion. Don´  t be oversad of small packets. You are only going to eat somes, because these are not addicting.

Corn snacks, red packet; These are crunch not too spicy. If you hate popcorns salt and untasting, these will give new experiment for you.

Vegan "cheese" snack, yellow at front;  Cheese snack without cheese? I can only love  these.  No too much fat! Good bye messy! Welcome fibres!

Good bye Summer also!!

sunnuntai 9. huhtikuuta 2017


Sometime I have liked to write monthly update and today may be good time to talk about Finland.  Finnish imago  is really good and how peoples see to be finnish. There is going revolution at young peoples and some biggest reasons are unemployed and developed language skills. I know some peoples whose are ready move out of Finland. It's not impossible for me and that motivate me mostly to study english or use it as much I can. Languages skill not problem actually just reason. It give possibles to move out, because many big companies use english at their working language. Today is day of municipality elections. This year is also celebrations of Finland. I think Finland could be international and still have our culture. 

Nature is definitely biggest part of Finland. Every city and town is combination of forest and urban life. Helsinki have Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi for example. 

Second best part of Finland is safety. There is possible get some problem at short-term future, but at all Finland is one of the mostly safest countries of the world. We heard some sad news at last week. There was terrorism in Sant Petersbourg and Stockholm. Finland is between these huge cities. Finland is country for everybody not matter of sex, religion or nation. 

We don't should be worry of terrorism, but we can focus to be happy and love, which we have already.

perjantai 7. huhtikuuta 2017


There is so many opinions about veganism. Can you be or not.  You should think same than at every thinks of your life. Don't let other peoples opinions hurt yourself. It's really hard to make decision between meat or say "Sorry, I'm not eating meat..." We don't have words for please or excuse me. That make me to think how I say. I don't really wanna make others people life to too hard. So thinking at some way  I'm only homevegan. I was thinking too, "Can I write about it?", because to make vegan normal is best be silent? or act it´s too normal to say it. That way is good. If we are going to eat, we should open mouth. I don't thought much about clothes etc. But I let it happen step by step. I use partly vegan cosmetics or cleaninc stuff. Choices arriving, when I'm buying something new. Life is full of choices.

Anyway we should handle our main topic. Below is few pictures of vegan food. Some food is my school restaurant. Food is still different at primary school than my.

TofuCurry With Rise

Beans are very common in my lunch place. That is positive and give more power to salad. Salad is always basic. Sometimes there is herbs, carrots, banana, beans, tomato etc. TofuCurry was really good not too spicy.

Vegetarian Tacos

That food so basic and I realised I can cook these at my home just few minute ago. There is just rise, sweet chili, tomato and beans. I'm calling it to vegetarian, because our school food is vegetarian with milk and eggs. Anw, I love vegetarian school food and mostly it's vegan.

There is also something avocado sauce. I can really suggest this food to your saturday evening.


This is actually most finnish vegan food in this list. I didn't found word for it even. So you, this green part. I have only two word. Yum, Yum.      ....

Spruce is natural vegan food. You can collect from fir at late of spring. You can use spruces for tea or even make your vegan honey!

You don't have heard that often. Please. Please, when you are going to collect spruces, ask first land owner permission to collect these.

Tofu & Bamboo Wok

I visited in Fit&Wok yesterday. Restaurant have been about half year in our city.They have good vegan options example tofu, bamboo and cashew. They have selection of sauces and three of them was vegan. So I really can suggest that place for vegan and vegatarian. Btw, it's locates at house "Torinkulma" next of Sokos at Kuopio.

Food was really good and portion was large. So it'll fil you well. Btw, I didn't focussed to food,so I can't descripte it more.

I hope you like to see my foods and please leave your comment to below.

keskiviikko 5. huhtikuuta 2017


It's time, when almost snow and ice is gone from roads and I finished my bike maintenance just few minutes ago. Pitter-Pattering sounds actually really good from pins, but I don't like it every day of summer. So, today was time to changes tires. I have pins only at my front wheel.

I'm just present just few steps, which I'm using.
1. Take off your tire. You should use tools. I suggest plastic tools. Steel or anything sharp could be harmfull and break  your tires etc. You can put new on after chancing. Take care also of rotation size.

2. Clean all dirties. Just water,rag or with spray bottle. I like to leave some dirties, so my bike not look that new. Most important place is chains. Right time to clean chains is after other parts

3. Give some oils to chains. Test your breaks and  check the crews are tighten.

4. Have a nice trip and you should maintenance your bike regularly. It'll keep  your body and soul going on!