maanantai 22. toukokuuta 2017


Time is running and may 2017 is ending soon. I have had actually busy month. (Not with thesis) Well, still one week more. I started my summer job and it feel ok. So many new thinks. After my last blog I visited at Turku for dancing. I'm not talking too much about it. I also had my first private lesson at last weekend. So, I know maybe I learn. I also have opportunity for couch at summer. I have talked too much so maybe one other guy make it too. It's time to prepare for International WCS flashmob 2017.

Make your time (lisence free)
I'm spending some line for education. Me and some other peoples maybe not appreciate it all time. It also hard 9 year comprehensive, 3 year professional and now more at UAS, but anyway it's high quality. Some peoples not like it's going to style study at home. 

Fact is we need to work for studies. If our teacher is giving all tools, we may learn and it also possible we not learn to work for it. That actually is my problem. I learn, but I don't have learn to study. 

I don't have any problems at work places. Everything is fine, when I know what I'm doing. That mean I don't have suitable skills to be entrepreneur. That is my feelings of UAS. I know university is bit different.

Now I have found my problem, found why and now I need to solve it.

-Make your dreams come to true-

torstai 4. toukokuuta 2017

topic is missing.

Well, I'm not often writing at library. I thought, I could write about animalia, vegan or about weather, but I'm writing of dance.

Everybody know dance is wonderful and everybody love dance. I'm telling some problems, which I have had.

        My wrist isn't straight. I can train them with small dumbbells.

        Top part of my brest is so tight. I have opened these with small ball and wall sometimes.

I think there is more, but these are my focus right now.

I really love dance. Few times I have got idea, there are event other side of country. Sometime is also really cool plan where to go. Before I was really shy to talk or take new adventures. Dancing is so great opportunity to make dreams true.

I talked today with my teacher and maybe it's could be ready at someday. I never believed, it could feel good to study. Something must be wrong. I have just good to sit right now.

Let's go.!