torstai 4. toukokuuta 2017

topic is missing.

Well, I'm not often writing at library. I thought, I could write about animalia, vegan or about weather, but I'm writing of dance.

Everybody know dance is wonderful and everybody love dance. I'm telling some problems, which I have had.

        My wrist isn't straight. I can train them with small dumbbells.

        Top part of my brest is so tight. I have opened these with small ball and wall sometimes.

I think there is more, but these are my focus right now.

I really love dance. Few times I have got idea, there are event other side of country. Sometime is also really cool plan where to go. Before I was really shy to talk or take new adventures. Dancing is so great opportunity to make dreams true.

I talked today with my teacher and maybe it's could be ready at someday. I never believed, it could feel good to study. Something must be wrong. I have just good to sit right now.

Let's go.!

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