perjantai 30. kesäkuuta 2017


It's end of June and it's time of monthly update. First month at my current work is over and it's have been more than really nice. I have worked in support department of customer service and also at kids playground. It's have been really interesting to work with kids. It's new for me and first piss. Maybe I'm gonna remember it for while.

I'm trying to drink more water and one of the best thinks of month is water bottle from Ikea. It's small and cheap, but fridge cold water is just so good. I have visited at dentist and she also suggested to drink more water.

I have spent this month with work and just chilling. Next month will include more work. My focus is dance camp at august. Next month.. levels up. I also need to do more my thesis. Free time have felt good, but at sometime it's feel confusing.

Series of this month is Penguis of Madagaskar and Animal Kindgom.
Song; Jason Derulo-Kiss of Sky. Well this is song of wcs-flashmob.

I'm sure have to do thinks will be ready. There is just one solution for these.

keskiviikko 28. kesäkuuta 2017


I have only posted winter days- pictures here. I have almost forgotten, how beautiful is finnish summer (and I see it every day between rain and clouds.) It's amazing feelings, when you are swimming at water, which is warmer than air and my breathing is huffing. I'm not talking right now. Just Enjoy!

maanantai 26. kesäkuuta 2017


Hallo, all peoples!

Midsummer mean also long weekend and time for shopping. I used that time to visit at grocery store. My target was Citymarket. Shame me (and hope S-mafia not hear me), but citymarket is my favorite store. There is super selection of vegetables and best sales. Sunday is really smooth day to visit at stores. It's not same feeling at weekdays. I have some day off then too, but let's go to topic!

Summer is best time for ice-cream... or for ice-lollies.  Pirkka have published some new favors. There is also old ones "Murkku" and "Amppari". These are vegan friendly and delicous for all family.

Short fact about Pirkka;

Pirkka is private label brand and you can find it from K-market and K-Citymarket's. Pirkka have also published new vegan ice-cream in this summer. Pirkka have many other vegan friendly products for example Oat milk and snacks.

There it is my grocery bag. There is more Ice-lollies, rye snacks, onions, potatoes, coconuts, salad and spinach.

These coconuts was at sale 0,49€/kg. I'll dry one for test and maybe rest also. Time is also good for coconut baking. Let's  see what delicious world have for us.

Leave your comment below and tell me; Would you like next part of grocery bag?

lauantai 24. kesäkuuta 2017


Hallo, all peoples!

Today is time for smoothie. My blog will not turn to recipe blog. Now I have just found so many good recipes to share with you. It's some months to blueberries season and time to use old ones  away. That coldness make us to wait bit more. I have found new world from english blogs. There is so many amazing recipes to test. That smoothies recipe is from almond cream can. Credit of the recipe go to GoGreen.

I skippes honey and almond butter from original recipe.

Maken from:

1 Frozen banana
100g frozen blueberries
1 TSP Liquirice powder (I used liquid liquirice)
2 TSP LINSEED (Or Hemp seed)
3DL Almond cream (GoGreen)

Make it with love:

1. Split banana and but it to blender jug.
2. Put all ingredients to jug.
3. Mix all at Blender
4. Enjoy!

We'll see at next time! 

perjantai 16. kesäkuuta 2017


There is always perfect solution for cooking and maybe 1/100 times I'm going to achieve it. Sometime I'm too lazy to buy perfect materials or I just fail it. This time I only thought product should look much much different. First the composition of Planti whipped cream is must tighter than milk based products. I asked about it from planti and they said it's ok and need also beat up. So that is the reason why I didn't used cream cheese. Anyway so delicious.

Anyway it's tested so good and would be perfect with cream cheese. So now I have this still at my fridge. I will found something cool to cook with it. 

Love your food, love your cook. Recipe is below.

I used:

Bottom= 50 g liquid vegan margarine and about 150 g crushed Oreo mint cookies.

Filled= 1 box (Planti) Vegan whipped cream. There is also full soyafree solutions. I heard this may include bit of Soy lecithin.

Top= Spruces and fresh peppermint+rowan berries.

perjantai 9. kesäkuuta 2017


First, please don't think this is diet. Some kind veganism food diet is ok. I'm finnish and for us diet mean something y change your food diet for limited time and after it you are turning back to your old.

Cumumber Sour
I think Vegan is more lifestyle. Same than my blog. I'm mostly writing about food nowadays. Vegan is your choices, what you are using and the mostly what you feel "How to be vegan". It's also good vegans helps each others.

When vegan is lifestyle, you really can show it. There is so high quality vegan cosmetic products. Many clothes manufactures have also vegan choices. Second hand is vegan friendly.

Secondly is food. Food is mostly important. I'm still part time student and working with part time contract. I have make choose. I will eat vegan food home and outside. I have decided I'm not going to bee too difficult. Biggest reason for this is school food. School food is sometime only vegetable, so it's may including milk or eggs. My city is following all trends some time late.

The second reason why I use sometime vegetable food is situation of my life. If I get free food from somewhere,  I may use it anyway. There and always I think also vegan first. This is my next challenge to bee ok I'm vegan and also to say it for peoples. It's not that difficult. Peoples will survive with it.

Thirdly I'm Vegan. We have many ways to say who is vegan. You are 100% or not. I think that finnish old way. We are getting also new thougth from Sweden. We really need to learn it. It's more liberal. Sweden have more open mind and they are not that hard if you eat some meat.

Fourth, life is more health. I have eaten much much less candies. I still eat junk food. We don't need leave both. We have also good choices of treats.

Go and explore!