perjantai 30. kesäkuuta 2017


It's end of June and it's time of monthly update. First month at my current work is over and it's have been more than really nice. I have worked in support department of customer service and also at kids playground. It's have been really interesting to work with kids. It's new for me and first piss. Maybe I'm gonna remember it for while.

I'm trying to drink more water and one of the best thinks of month is water bottle from Ikea. It's small and cheap, but fridge cold water is just so good. I have visited at dentist and she also suggested to drink more water.

I have spent this month with work and just chilling. Next month will include more work. My focus is dance camp at august. Next month.. levels up. I also need to do more my thesis. Free time have felt good, but at sometime it's feel confusing.

Series of this month is Penguis of Madagaskar and Animal Kindgom.
Song; Jason Derulo-Kiss of Sky. Well this is song of wcs-flashmob.

I'm sure have to do thinks will be ready. There is just one solution for these.

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