maanantai 26. kesäkuuta 2017


Hallo, all peoples!

Midsummer mean also long weekend and time for shopping. I used that time to visit at grocery store. My target was Citymarket. Shame me (and hope S-mafia not hear me), but citymarket is my favorite store. There is super selection of vegetables and best sales. Sunday is really smooth day to visit at stores. It's not same feeling at weekdays. I have some day off then too, but let's go to topic!

Summer is best time for ice-cream... or for ice-lollies.  Pirkka have published some new favors. There is also old ones "Murkku" and "Amppari". These are vegan friendly and delicous for all family.

Short fact about Pirkka;

Pirkka is private label brand and you can find it from K-market and K-Citymarket's. Pirkka have also published new vegan ice-cream in this summer. Pirkka have many other vegan friendly products for example Oat milk and snacks.

There it is my grocery bag. There is more Ice-lollies, rye snacks, onions, potatoes, coconuts, salad and spinach.

These coconuts was at sale 0,49€/kg. I'll dry one for test and maybe rest also. Time is also good for coconut baking. Let's  see what delicious world have for us.

Leave your comment below and tell me; Would you like next part of grocery bag?

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