tiistai 25. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi, All. It's feel so good to go run after rain. Nature have reborned. Always is possible to get new trails to go. It's actually best part of my city (after water) . Let's get pictures here!

sunnuntai 23. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi, It's Sunday. Actually I made this food some day ago, but I'm ready publish it to you. It's still so delicious. The recipe it simple. The portion is about large for 3-4 person.


2 dl Butter beans

3 Tomato
5 Clove of garlic
Herbs, Spices

4 dl Pasta

I used butter beans. You can use canned or dry beans like me. I soaked them over the night ja boiling at about 30 min in realy high level. Suggested spoil time is 45 min. 

Tomato sauce: 
Saute garlic and chop tomato to small pieces. Saute garlic lightly and insert tomato to pan. Insert herbs an spieces. I used oregano, peppermint and black pepper. Chop kale and insert it to pan. Mix all together. This way kale soak in all delicious favors.

I used simple macaroni and spoiled it about ten minute. 

Mix beans, tomato sauce and pasta together. Here it's, your simple food!

Did you taste it?, Comment below. You can use different beans and herbs. Butter beans and garlic is so delicious together!

torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi, Vegans is lifestyle not cult. That's right. Anyway this night feel like for hippies. I only was just reading some different blogs. There is so many products, which we can use. There is some natural product and it's nice to see these are coming to grocery stores. Example, I saw  small small, shop in shop of Lavera at local Citymarket. The next step get to available for omnies. I think the best valuables of products interest just different kind vegans.

 I have started to bought and use some "rabbit" logo products. I still have some unvegan products to too long time. I have also thought why I began to be vegan. I used less dairy and  plastic product. There all makes my steps to true. I also can be. Of course I, have saw vegan brainwashing and step step I started to be vegan subconsciously. I have been at lacto-ovo vegan school, when I was about teen age. My environment have also contributed to my decision. I don't have ever liked much to use buses. These and trains are perfect with long distance, but for me at city is faster use bike. It's easy, I can go where ever I want and when I want.

It's also complicate are new electronic good or not? It's waste too much natural resources, but use less paper. It's make our life to easier, but are it doing it really? Example Bluetooth headphones is suitable for long time use.

I'm also writing about vegan cosmetics and chemicals. These are finding ways to users. It's fact these feel and smell different. It may be also really good. We have born to smell the factory or chemicals stinks. We are gone lost from the nature. We even may not know, what is real taste of strawberries or blueberries. Many people have said that before; You eat pure, but still you put all trash to your skin. Does that feel right? I still use much processed food and I believe day by day, I learn to be vegan. I'm gonna find easy vegan foods.


I have tested some producst and also using them. I have loved to deodorant from Schmidt's  and toothpaste from Urtekram felt good. I don't know how toothpaste work or how not. Anyway it feel good at my mouth. Dish Soap, Mummi ja minä need second use to say "good or not". Anyways it smell so good like these Christmas polka candies.

Part of my cosmetic is shaving products. The shaving cream is easy, but my vote go to firm piece. It's look like piece of soap. It's easy and fast for user. There is also some accessories like brush, but I like mix piece just at my skin. I have used 1,5 year metal blazer. One reason was price of plastic products, but it also felt like wasting. Now there is just one blade and work so well. I'm not going change back to old one. Now, I'm hunting vegan piece beard cream.

-Not just for ladies, use it with your style-

sunnuntai 16. heinäkuuta 2017


We are living like at sex cult. We love to be naked. I know "modern" peoples says nudity is so old school and it's really show, You are just uncivilized.

Nudity is only part of Finland. We din't building wall for nudity around of Helsinki. Nudity is coming to there. Sauna, I'm talking just about it. It's also funny. Sauna is something holy. There is still territory for nude sauna around of Finland even at Helsinki. We still wanna hang out and keep it natural, simple. It's also funny. Peoples wanna have part of countryside and live at cities. NO, Kuopio is just town.

There is different opinions for it, what is to be naked. Somebody don't wanna see peoples even at underwear. I think Finnish culture is changing for example mixed saunas not that  popular at nowadays, but anyways we wont gays to same Sauna. That sound little bit weird.

How about nudity at cities? Well, it's bit difficult. I think mostly of us know, when wear up your shirts. We should like enjoy to be just ourselves. We need to do it with style. Style just may been clean skin and clothes. Ladies know what will turn them off. We don't need to change other peoples brains. We don't need to imagine live at sex cult or if it turn you on. So, why not?!

How are going the revolution? It's true country boys and girls are moving to Helsinki and showing their bodies. They let all peoples to see everything. It's shame how peoples try hide their bodies.

But don't worry, We are coming. We will show everything to everyone!

lauantai 15. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi, All!

Finally full weekend and free time. Today was time to  visit at Asian store. There is possible find something new every time.  I was hunting real tofu today. That is normal at the all I bought these products, tempeh, pennywort drink, coconut milk, butter beans and canned bananas.

What is canned banana? I don't have ever heard about it and it's difficult to find recipe for that. There is almost half from sugar liquid at can. I think it will be very suitable for some very spice wok or curry food, but why I not should use fresh one for it? Leave your suggestion to comments!

It's painful how much time beans reserve for cooking, but it's worth it! Beans are delicious and cheap. So, I bought new favor. I have lot of food to eat right now, so I will test it later.

Pennywort drink

Color is really confusing. It's something between brown and green and the first taste feel same. They have make vegan drink just for me!

But that taste like forest? Then it's same to take mud and mix it with spruces and water? I don't have ever thought this flower is suitable to eat or even for drink. Btw this drink is maken by plant part.

Second taste is sweet, like soft hug of moss. Drink cost 1,40 € and worth of it.

I just cooked food from tempheh and I will post my meal later. 

keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi all!

Today is raining and I started to write at last Sunday. I also didn't make to do list. Come on! Bye Bye sun!

It's long time, just me and touchscreen. I should take Bluetooth keyboard to beach at next time. I got some problems with thesis. There is some new rules with school doors. I need to survive with Linux then. That is almost only unfinished task at my to do list. We aren't counting "wash dishes"  do to it, we not? It's not special for next week, but maybe I share it anyway.

I have heard that earlier too: beach are at seaside not at lakeside. So, I'm at lake. This week was bit busy. From Monday to Saturday at work. Saturday, it felt different than normal.

Summer is here; You know it't feel awkward. What that is? Sunny can't be here.


Below is one of my new favorite recipes. It's simple and so delicious. You will love it!

1-2 Cucumbers
1dl Sugar
2 tbs sugar

Just pare cucumber and mix all together. Freeze 2-3 hour, until it freezes but not too hard. Enjoy!

sunnuntai 2. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi All,

Actually it's my first real to do list.
I'm gonna see, can it really help me. I'm not making summer bucket list, because I have too many thinks to do. It's better make these all part by part. I'm having two workplace for next few weeks. So, I need to use my time well. It's also time to unsubscribe my video streaming service. I will keep spotify. Well, let's go to topic!

To do list 2.7-10-7

* Bookkeeping
* Thesis
* Workplace #1
* Workplace #2
* Clean your flat
* Blog texts x2
* WCS-Trains
* Private WCS Trains
* Swimming
* Jogging
* Wash Dishes x3

Btw, There is sun at outside. Let's enjoy of it!