sunnuntai 23. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi, It's Sunday. Actually I made this food some day ago, but I'm ready publish it to you. It's still so delicious. The recipe it simple. The portion is about large for 3-4 person.


2 dl Butter beans

3 Tomato
5 Clove of garlic
Herbs, Spices

4 dl Pasta

I used butter beans. You can use canned or dry beans like me. I soaked them over the night ja boiling at about 30 min in realy high level. Suggested spoil time is 45 min. 

Tomato sauce: 
Saute garlic and chop tomato to small pieces. Saute garlic lightly and insert tomato to pan. Insert herbs an spieces. I used oregano, peppermint and black pepper. Chop kale and insert it to pan. Mix all together. This way kale soak in all delicious favors.

I used simple macaroni and spoiled it about ten minute. 

Mix beans, tomato sauce and pasta together. Here it's, your simple food!

Did you taste it?, Comment below. You can use different beans and herbs. Butter beans and garlic is so delicious together!

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