sunnuntai 16. heinäkuuta 2017


We are living like at sex cult. We love to be naked. I know "modern" peoples says nudity is so old school and it's really show, You are just uncivilized.

Nudity is only part of Finland. We din't building wall for nudity around of Helsinki. Nudity is coming to there. Sauna, I'm talking just about it. It's also funny. Sauna is something holy. There is still territory for nude sauna around of Finland even at Helsinki. We still wanna hang out and keep it natural, simple. It's also funny. Peoples wanna have part of countryside and live at cities. NO, Kuopio is just town.

There is different opinions for it, what is to be naked. Somebody don't wanna see peoples even at underwear. I think Finnish culture is changing for example mixed saunas not that  popular at nowadays, but anyways we wont gays to same Sauna. That sound little bit weird.

How about nudity at cities? Well, it's bit difficult. I think mostly of us know, when wear up your shirts. We should like enjoy to be just ourselves. We need to do it with style. Style just may been clean skin and clothes. Ladies know what will turn them off. We don't need to change other peoples brains. We don't need to imagine live at sex cult or if it turn you on. So, why not?!

How are going the revolution? It's true country boys and girls are moving to Helsinki and showing their bodies. They let all peoples to see everything. It's shame how peoples try hide their bodies.

But don't worry, We are coming. We will show everything to everyone!

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