sunnuntai 2. heinäkuuta 2017


Moi All,

Actually it's my first real to do list.
I'm gonna see, can it really help me. I'm not making summer bucket list, because I have too many thinks to do. It's better make these all part by part. I'm having two workplace for next few weeks. So, I need to use my time well. It's also time to unsubscribe my video streaming service. I will keep spotify. Well, let's go to topic!

To do list 2.7-10-7

* Bookkeeping
* Thesis
* Workplace #1
* Workplace #2
* Clean your flat
* Blog texts x2
* WCS-Trains
* Private WCS Trains
* Swimming
* Jogging
* Wash Dishes x3

Btw, There is sun at outside. Let's enjoy of it!

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