sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. Summer 2017 is official over. We had harvesting parties at last weekend and weather have gone calmer. We are always saiyng it's end of something, but it's actually beginning of new... or you are just healing your hangover right now.  Autumn is coming. We are getting new colors and life's. Schools is beginning again, holiday season is over soon.

We had  night of arts, harvesting parties and carnival at our port, right here at Kuopio.  
There was many vegan food options and my choose was food with part of local tories. That was called to Beetroot Tacos. It was perfectly spice and tasty with lime-yoghurt.

I really can recommend it, if you are gonna find it.

Maybe that restaurant, Intro choose it to their menu.

Below is few pictures from Kuopio Museum.

sunnuntai 20. elokuuta 2017

TEACHERS LIKE CANDY -Tanssi vieköön 2017 #3

Moi all, the workshop weekend is over and I'm sitting at train to home. I have also bought new bluetooth keyboard. I had one before, but this is more tiny. I know,  my fingers will get comfort with it.  This weekends was really good. Party at Friday was super and saturday wasn't that good. Then was also competitions.  There was so many thinks to see and for tasting. I'm focussing to feeling at this post. I have also posted short posts earlier at this weekend.

I really enjoid. This weekend was combination of fun, challenges, technic and also smooth swing. I have losen my swing, but I found it again at last lessons of weekend.  It may feel nonsene to talk about motivation and inspirate to  peoples, but sometime we small dancers from landscape are losen. We come to big city and bigger workshop and we see, feel and love dancer's who really know DANCE. It's true we need also technic to get our smooth work. Jordan and Tatjana mostly teached technic and Benji more visualize and also technic at saturday. It's good we are not learning only patterns. We may learn these, but we don't learn how to lead or follow these. I have danced many years and sometime some peoples get higher results at shorter time. It's motivate and also let's to think; What I'm doing wrong? I think we only need get our style and make it look good.

All lessons was at english, it's nice to see how I can understand all. When  I started my blog, I barely knew what is english. It also give more oppurtunies at normal life. I really like Helsinki. Before I wont to move there, but this weekend gave new opinion for me. It's also chocked someplace was almost easier speak english than finnish. I can survire with it. Below is some xtra pictures. See you later,  My damn hug beasts!

lauantai 19. elokuuta 2017


Moi all and welcome to second part of my jorney blog. Time in Helsinki have been really awesome. Here is so many thinks to see or for taste. Street art, food, food, and the of city culture have diferences than countryside. Now I only can plan my next visit here. Let´s go to pictures!

pole dancing


torstai 17. elokuuta 2017

KILLER PIGEON -Tanssivieköön 2017 #1

Moi, all and welcome to my journey. Day have began some hours agon and after break it's continuing  to capital. Bigger cities always feel different and I'm just at Jyväskylä. The Finnish Athens, the city where gods are killer pegions. They are shooting cars with theirs laser eyes.

Every busses don't have electricity for custoners. First bus had, but second buss is without it for longer distance. Confusing. Here we go few pictures from Jyväskylä and from the buss.

sunnuntai 13. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. I think this is third
grocery back. Actually i bought these products from specialized store, Punnitse ja Säästä.

There is:
Nutritional yeast
Vegan Cheddar snacks
Two different kind chocolate
Chick noodles
Dryed Papayas

I'm also writing sort reviews about these. Monsters have five small packet in the box and I'm not sure what these are. I would like eat these with yogurt or just like snack, when wanna something small and sweet. These taste sweet and I wont eat too much. Easy and delicious.

Vegan Cheddar snacks: These are really like non-vegan products. First taste is more healthier, but the cheese come bit later. These isn't make me eat too much.

I love nuts chocolate from Ichoc. There was nougat taste, which wasn't that good, but ready to taste next one.  Orange is fresh and tasty. I really like it.

Coconut and raspberry chocolate from Seed and Bean. That taste more to traditional dark chocolate. Raspberry really tasty perfectly on it. I really like that.

I don't have test chick noodles yet. So see you guys at next time!

keskiviikko 9. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all Autumn is achieving us. It's not mean summer is over, not at the all. Just the feelings, summer is finally here. Night without night is best part of Scandinavia and Finland. I would like to go to feel it.  Nights is magical here and I would like to feel more. There was Krista Siegfrids again after four yeah. Well she may been here after these day, but especially for me. You know it ;)   Just be REAL and explore it!

lauantai 5. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all! Today we are going to cook simple and really easy risotto. I like use more dryed beans, but you can skip steps 1 and 2, when you use canned beans.  Let's go!


Step 1: Wash and soak your beans over the night or about 8 h at water. I used red beans.

Step 2. Wash beans again and boil them about 1-15 h in saucepan.

Step 3. Boil rice. I used brown rice (or use your favor; basmati, basic rice or even rice porridge, if you would like to test something wild.)

Step 4. After the Rice is ready; add beans, and some spices (I used Ikea instant spice mix 50g) and about 50 g nutritional yeasts. Nutritional yeast give more fullness to your perfect risotto.

Step 5. Enjoy, and share to your fiends!

tiistai 1. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. I know it's actually august. This week is going to be busy. I's blueberry season!!  I have also job interview. I have applied to other job at my current work place. I'm really really hopeful.

Let's go to topic! June was time for IOS. I have been hard android and Windows fanboy before. It's started from phone. I have already addicted to IOS. I still have part of Windows and Android environments in my use. I'm anyway feeling these are part of my old life or these are staying with me. First time I can choose best part from all. Style of Windows and useful from Android. I need to give their own blog.


I have bought some new clouthes and these fit me perfect. Vegan days may have transferred my body shape bit to different. I'm still planning new apartment, so I'm not buying all new yet. Sometime that feel bad. Young money was young money. Bookkeeping project is going to be ready and I have only Thesis left. Let's go to work for it!

Ben&Jerry, Ice-Cream truck, JYMY, so many new delicious flavours. Next I'm going to evening swim and after it, I will sleep.

See you guys, hope more soon than later!