sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. Summer 2017 is official over. We had harvesting parties at last weekend and weather have gone calmer. We are always saiyng it's end of something, but it's actually beginning of new... or you are just healing your hangover right now.  Autumn is coming. We are getting new colors and life's. Schools is beginning again, holiday season is over soon.

We had  night of arts, harvesting parties and carnival at our port, right here at Kuopio.  
There was many vegan food options and my choose was food with part of local tories. That was called to Beetroot Tacos. It was perfectly spice and tasty with lime-yoghurt.

I really can recommend it, if you are gonna find it.

Maybe that restaurant, Intro choose it to their menu.

Below is few pictures from Kuopio Museum.

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