lauantai 5. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all! Today we are going to cook simple and really easy risotto. I like use more dryed beans, but you can skip steps 1 and 2, when you use canned beans.  Let's go!


Step 1: Wash and soak your beans over the night or about 8 h at water. I used red beans.

Step 2. Wash beans again and boil them about 1-15 h in saucepan.

Step 3. Boil rice. I used brown rice (or use your favor; basmati, basic rice or even rice porridge, if you would like to test something wild.)

Step 4. After the Rice is ready; add beans, and some spices (I used Ikea instant spice mix 50g) and about 50 g nutritional yeasts. Nutritional yeast give more fullness to your perfect risotto.

Step 5. Enjoy, and share to your fiends!

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