sunnuntai 13. elokuuta 2017


Moi, all. I think this is third
grocery back. Actually i bought these products from specialized store, Punnitse ja Säästä.

There is:
Nutritional yeast
Vegan Cheddar snacks
Two different kind chocolate
Chick noodles
Dryed Papayas

I'm also writing sort reviews about these. Monsters have five small packet in the box and I'm not sure what these are. I would like eat these with yogurt or just like snack, when wanna something small and sweet. These taste sweet and I wont eat too much. Easy and delicious.

Vegan Cheddar snacks: These are really like non-vegan products. First taste is more healthier, but the cheese come bit later. These isn't make me eat too much.

I love nuts chocolate from Ichoc. There was nougat taste, which wasn't that good, but ready to taste next one.  Orange is fresh and tasty. I really like it.

Coconut and raspberry chocolate from Seed and Bean. That taste more to traditional dark chocolate. Raspberry really tasty perfectly on it. I really like that.

I don't have test chick noodles yet. So see you guys at next time!

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