sunnuntai 3. syyskuuta 2017


August is always part of summer, but now I really feel deeply. Autumn isn't sad or anything, but it's always part of life, when you feel life is going just for nothing. You are going to thinks for nothing. Without any point. If you are doing something, you do it because it's mandatory. We have to go on and need to do changes. I'm getting older and needing new thinks than before. First time of my years, I miss peoples. I'm not also going to school. I know, I can go to student party, hunt daddies, but these not for me.

Do it, where you wanna do it!
It's hurt let something go on. Music have been always part of my life, but I have decided to make end for it. Maybe I'm gonna continue later, but it's not feel good right now. I have always done something emptiness and it's have steel time from matters. So, that mean I'm not gonna stop to listen it. I have been creator about 7 year and now I'll have officially break. I continue, when it feel good. 

My life is going to emptiness. Be ready to open your heart, get slapped. Do it again.

Today was very inspiration post at local newspaper. We can get new friends also from other services not just from student parties. I hope it may work, but I'm afraid. We are students and we wanna hangout ourselfs sometimes. We need get thinks out of mine. Alcohol and other mad peoples are the best combination. I'm dancer, and I know it can be hard sometime. If you want to focus for something and you really do all for it. You need focus. It's not same than drinking. Alcohol force your brains to relax. I know sport work with someones and with right combination it's time out from normal life.

I'm also having some on my mind about veganism, plastic. Let's keep focus in our mind!

Plastic destroy the world and vegan products have lot of plastic. So, I try find out way to be vegan and give respect for earth. Small steps for children of our children.

I'm not that old... yet... 

Recycles bottles is good step to decrease of use of plastic. It's our choose aluminium, plastic or glass. I'm not sure which is the best. I will choose the one, which more than twice. My choose is steel and glass. I still need to do much work for decrease waste of plastic.

See you guys and girls!

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