perjantai 17. marraskuuta 2017

Second life (November- Update)

Moi all,

It's have been while from my last post. I'm not working right now, but time have gone so fast. Time have gone with games, Netflix and tinder. It's not the best way to spend time. I took time out at this week. I took time to get time from my ordinary life. Actually, I was also scared to go see strange person, but everything gone well. Emotions is our enemies. I started to think and I don't wanna that much just sex than before. I think this is the  main topic of this month and second one is buying food. Sometimes it's feel so hard to find really good food or at least something what I would like to eat.

It's not only emotions right now. I have been with different friends before, even had few. I have been internet and so fucked how stupid peoples really are. But it's only my choose to find something better and different. I need to find something, which isn't annoying me.

Our life is like that alternative Christmas at that picture. We can be and we can change our life to alternative. I have found new sides from. I have started to read Forbes.

There was huge article of  Mr Trump and he not look like that bad guy what our medias get us to imagine. It's true, he is businessman and may not that good with politic.

I hope we see soon.

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