lauantai 25. marraskuuta 2017


Our life is really comfortable and we are going to lose our touch to reality. That is my opinion, but we have signs to it everywhere. Vegans and Zerowaste- peoples is taking back-steps and trying to show the reality for other peoples. Bumber cars is one example, because we have count these are more unhealthly for our earth. Anyway, we need to take even small steps to achieve our goal. We should set healthier earth for our child, to our goal. I'm sure we are going to have better batteries really soon. Lithium-Ion Stihl lightning battery system, is giving hope for earth. Stihl is manufacturing chain saws for example. I'm not innocent and I still have lot of to do.

 I fail, sometime, but I need to take time and go on. I know, I don't speak fluently English. I realized that also today, when I was trying to make some translation with our community. I know, it may be good, but "just good" isn't enough. First, Finnish come inside of me and I got depress. One second later, I decided to do more for it. I'm going to be older day by day. My next goal is read first book at English. I have started many book, but never finished them.

-Sky is open-
I have had many ideas recently. Mostly of them is "How to be perfect?" Well, I can't be perfect, but it's necessary to walk with small steps. It's like dance, small step looks better and these help us to achieves destiny.

"This school is mistake" and "I wont be here", 
I have been thinking these lines recently. I was forced to move on few year ago and now I need to do it myself. I need to remember it and finish my school to go next page. I can fail it, but now it time to SUCCESS.

We are feeling comfortable and we are scaring to step out. What is outside. Actually, we are just scaring of losing. I need to be ready for losing. I can lose, I can scare, I can be punched. Our life may not be same after it, but it'll going on with small steps.

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