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Finland is celebrating today. We have been 100 year independent country. It have been long journey from small nation to this day.  Finland is changing and we can just dream of next 100 year. Europe have been peaceful so long. Some peoples may thing; "We are forced to be at peace." Second treat is evolution. Countryside is going to more empty. What is the our lifestyle. What we are going to do. Anyway we can be proud for Finland. We have had our challenges and victories and we are going to future. Anything can happen until tomorrow, so let's celebrate for it. We have earned it.  There is few words, which imagine perfectly of our home.

Funky. Finland have great groove and our special music is metal and rock like Nightwish, Amorphis and The Rasmus. We have also great young popstar Alma.
Inspiration. We are exporting around the earth with Fiskars, Suunto, Linux, Moomins, Nokia, Supercell, Angry Birds and many other companies from Finland. We have done and we are doing it again every day to get "Wow".
Nudity. Finnish peoples feel and are comfort to be naked. Together, alone and anywhere. We have also specific place, Sauna.
Lakes. We don't even know how many we have.  Mostly says, We have approximately 187 000 lakes. Should we go to counting round?
Anonymous. We don't hide our faces, but it's possible in Finland. We like sometime to stay alone and then we are like anonymous. We can even take last name out of our doors to stay silent. We can be somewhere, but no-one know anything of us.
Nature. We have amazing nature. We don't just have thousands lakes. We also have forest, lot of it. We got our 40th national park at this year. It's perfectly symbol of Finland. Silence, nature, lakes. You can read more of Hossa at BBC website.
Darkness. We don't have daylight at Lapland in Winters. Winter is anyway dark at Finland. Summer is lightly, happy even rainy, but anyway it's Finnish summer. 

No words without pictures:

Part of rebuild Old Turku
Aurajoki, Turku. There is oldest cathedral of city at backgroud.

Pyynikki, Tampere. 
Stockman corner, Kolmesepän statue, Helsinki.

Sights to Kuopio.

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