perjantai 15. joulukuuta 2017


Moi, all! I have resting day today. I had dentist and I gone to talk with my boss. I have also good news. I'm going back to customer service at next week. Well, I'm working there part time, but mostly there is lot of to do. My secondary task is going to be time booker. I'm don't wanna use Vegan- term anymore. I can use, if I need to spell it for my food selection, but not to any other purpose. I hate plastic and it's my big problem. Before I gone vegan, I found non plastic products and changing my diet was next step. After I found Zeowaste, my life have been more simple and I have been thinking more of my choose. Leather in shoes feel better than plastic. Like these small chooses can change my life. Today, I'm sharing my 5 point to zerowaste. I know these may not matter, but no one not saying all.

My phone background.
1. RE-USE all what y have. Don't buy or make new shampoos. Use your all old clothes, cosmetic and food away. It's first point to think twice before buying anything.

2. Bye, Bye plastics bags. No anymore plastic for fruits, vegetables, bread. Use cloth bag. Y can also get materials from your old clothes.

3. Buy more responsible. There is options for recycle packages, more recyclable options of products. If you can't buy zerowaste. please and taste more responsible options. After you are ready take small steps to your journey.

4. I'm vegetarian and vegetarian food is better for our environment. I'm not perfect yet and steps have been small. It's been almost one year! Take your first meat free day. Take your first week. You don't need to be perfect.

5. Go to second hand. Second hand stores have great and almost new clothes. You can find your style.

Enjoy of your journey to Zerowaste!

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