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Moi, all! I think Finland is some kind wonderland of recycling. We have really good basement for it. We can recycle bio, metal, class and even the plastic. Plastic isn't possible to recycle at everyplace, but is going to be common. Anyway Finland is small country and we can't totally change the world alone, but I'm happy bigger ideas come from outside. We have just few places to buy bulk goods. I think, it'll be next step at our journey. I don't have bought much stuff to my own cans. It's also great many companies is with earth for example Lush re-use plastics and they have great Christmas campaign. They have promised to reduce packing trash. That is the Finland, where I wanna live. Companies and consumers works each together to reduce waste.

I have done small thinks recently and these can be separated posts, but I'm going to collapse them to November update.

Oatly. Oat-Orange-Mango drink
First, I make re-use fruit bag from light curtain. I don't have machine for sewing, so it's took bit time. I also bought second have bag from bag from internet, which will be suitable for that purpose. I can do bags  from any material, but I think it's bit kindly to let sales person easily to see inside. I didn't used all of curtain. I may do more from it or I can save it for some other purposes.

Secondly, That product from Oatly is so delicious and I love it. I wound it some week ago and I also found it from my home city. Awesome! It's really taste to orange-mango and there isn't much taste of Oat. This brand have many other new products too.

Third, Finish artist is back with his new song. Pikku G Solmussa and you can lissen it from spotify. Well, there isn't much to say of that song. Just listen and feel it.

Winter is here! 

Fourth, I found Lush first time few year ago. Then I didn't decided to buy, but I remembered it at my last visit in Helsinki. Then I din't realize, how great Lush really is. 80 % of products are vegan. The bear cream wasn't vegan, but I'm gonna taste it. At the all products give respect for animals and nature.  I already told they re-use plastic and y can return some of their plastic boxs, after y have used the product.

Fifth, We got snow! I hope it keep white to xmas.

I have thinking lot of recycling recently and it's also theme of Decemper. Now Christmas is coming and I hope you guys aren't too stressed at few next weeks.

Btw, I edited post, because I have already done update for November. December have already started and it's good to remember be ecologic with the presents.

 See you soon!

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