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Moi everybody! I was making fresh porridge few days ago and I failed it. I put too much ginger powder to it, so I couldn't eat it. I found it today and easiest way to re-use porridge is put it to rolls or  bread dough.


3 cup Plant based milk or water
15-25 g Yeast
1 pinch Salt
 ½ pinch Sugar
6-8 cup Flours
1 cup Oatmeal
1-2 Persimmon
1 tbs Ginger powder
1 cup Oil


Fresh porridge
1. Soak yeast in the "hand warm" liquid. I used Almond-milk and you can also use anything else.

2. Add sugar, salt, oatmeal, ginger powder and crushed persimmon pieces to liquid. I used my fresh porridge at this step. Normally, I don't have oatmeal's in my home. So, I used just basic meals. I crushed persimmons with fork. Fresh ginger or ginger juice is possible to replace ginger powder.

3. Add flours to dough. There you should add flours cup by cup to get perfect consist. After flours add oil. I used rapeseed oil to my dough.

4. Let it rise up for 1 h under of cloth.

5. Make your own size breads/rolls and rise up them again at oven (or any hot place) under 50 C degree about 20-30 min.

5. Bake them 10-12 minutes at 225 C degree.

6. Enjoy!

- Open your world and Re-use it!-

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