perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2018


Moi all! I'm sitting at a train after few months. It doesn't felt like a good idea to wake up early, but it is. These hours are the incredible. I can do so much and it's so peaceful without any disruptions. I'm not the only one. There is another woman at the next cabin. Yeah, I'll be a woman someday too.

I had a great opportunity at last summer, when I got more distance to my workplace and the location got much better. I woke up 5:30 every morning at begin of the summer. Shame on me, I did it just for the gym rest of the summer. This was my best decision to bring coffee or tea and sit down a moment at lake coast. We had excellent weather at the last summer. We may not have it at next year, if it's a normal summer.

Today, I have done bookkeeping. I have bit to do, but not so much and I just need to close the books. I'm doing it as a volunteer for our dance society.

Let's go to the topic.

There is lot of more reasons to wake earlier and there is much more blogs, videos etc. of the topic. I will just tell you my top thee reasons to wake up earlier.

1. You you'll be more productive. There it not that much disruptions, because just few person are waking up that early. You can use that time at gym, nature or if you wanna make better career. You need to work b*cth

2. You'll be have less stress. When you are focusing to yourself, you don't have that much stress. The key for a less stressful life: is recovering during a week. It's not enough, if you just work at weekdays and you barely sleep at the weekend. You need a small moment like mornings to refresh your body and the MIND.

3. You'll get totally a new world. The world is the most beauties at the early hours. I have felt like a superman a first hours and my mind is also more open. I'm ready to see more, I'm ready to feel and touch more than normally. I like more mornings to wake up with someone even more than the evenings.

It's may not a easy way to begin. You need give time for yourself, you need to be hard yourself. Your body want to sleep and self-control is very important skill to learn. It's also very useful in path to our dreams.

- The path may be hard, but I can do it - 

lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2018


Moi, all! I have been exploring a Swedish lifestyle. It's meaning a balance with nature, trends and other peoples. I'm inspired to this post after reading a book by Niki Brantmark. She is the creator of Scandinavian Home and the book name is LAGOM The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy life. She is presenting few keys to Lagom and how to take care  of the environment at same time. She also told a think, which I can totally agree. Our style to Eco-friendly have basement in our families. Our parents and grandparents didn't had that much resources to buy new stuff. So, they was and they are masters of reusing. We don't need to be like them, but we can learn from them. We have gone so far in the last few centuries. Technology have been and is developing so fast.

When I started explorer to  the zero waste culture, I was wondering what they are doing. Re-using of plastic box's have been a way to life always for me. That's is hard to realize;  if you're  going to be a modern person, you are raping more, more and more of the mother earth. Do you really wanna the coolies guy, if you are the worst jackass at the same moment. Our society have been developed to be selfish. It's not our child. It's also affecting also to yourself. I'm sure you have been thinking like it happening at the 20-30 years. WRONG! It's happening now!

Let's have a deep breath and let's go to the topic...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...

Personnel place is very important for the Scandinavian peoples and it's a main rock of the Lagom- lifestyle. We are surrounding by the strangers in every moment at every day. Personnel space doesn't mean sitting alone at a home. It's really relaxing to find a own space at a cafe or bar. You may sit down and enjoy just in yourself with all of the peoples. We can talk more about of re-using, but Lagom also is meaning relaxing. I'm not gonna explain more, why I'm skipping re-using in this post. Lagom have few more step for Eco-friendly life and these are borrowing and biking.

I love to sleep naked. It's make me feel relax and it's my way help to sleep myself peaceful. I also love candles and swimming. Lagom is having many tips like ice-drops for a way to find a balance to our lifes.

I found few connection to Lagom lifestyle from my life, while of reading the book and It's helped myself to realize how happy I'm at the all. Enjoying of the moment helps us to get the WOW- experiment at the everyday situation.

tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2018


Moi, all! We are going to speak about something different today. We may not even think it, Does it matter? Well, let's go!

All material, which can really be touched is belonging to ZeroWaste- culture. That is the most common illusion. We have forgotten digital properties. Yes, we decrease our email lists and maybe even some apps. Movies and series have come to one of the biggest part of throw-away society. It's began from a hard-drive saving at our homes to the streaming services.

... We are watching movies faster and faster nowadays. We are almost forgotten at the end, which was happen at the first 10 minutes of the movie. These are the movies, which we are not going to watch again. I watched a good movie many times, when I had the DVD's. It's not matter anymore. I have more movies than ever and it's harder, harder to find a movie to watch every day. It's just a way to waste time at the all. Of-course, it's possible to choose a document or a good movie, but nah, that is just too hard.  I need to find a movie at every day. That is the worst point of that reality.

How about the pirate movies? 

We aren't spending money to a nonlegal staff, but money is not a cross-line between the property and something? All what we have from free sample's to a movie may be unnecessary. This isn't mean, we have to give all away.

The simpler life and a knowledge is very important part of Zero Waste for me. That's a one reason, why I wont to be a Vegan anymore. It's make me to stress too much. I still eat beans and all of the fancy food. We are living without an idea, what we are doing or we have too much stress from our choices. It's not like a hippie's, if we have the responsibility of our chooses. I'm trying to eat with more responsibility and how to decrease waste is the hardest point. I don't need to claim myself from a mistake. I know, I'm making bad chooses and you are going to see some of these here. Trying to connect the most important point to be vegan and ZeroWasting is so hard. I'm so happy to have baby step in my journey. All the information from digital sources is confusing. I left all of the FB- Groups about veganism or zerowasting. I'm feeling better with my chooses now. I realized too much of information is just too much information to throw away.

Peace of mind 

After I decreased to using of apps and email list, I have had more time. I have had more time to think and to do thinks. The time is about 11 pm right now and normally I'm already at the bed with Netflix.  I did it today, but I realized; cook and finish this post finally.

Come on! You can do it, you will do it!

keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2018


Moi, all! This text is a flashback to the last summer. I wasn’t barely slept for two night. I was having this magical day at Helsinki after the Riga Summer Swing 2018. Well, guys don't tell to my mom, I had a night at the airport. I din't book a  hostel room, because I had dates. Well, we had a good time, but after that I was too late to have a room.

I got a great idea to go back to the airport. Well, I didn't had to sleep outside at least, even i din't slept much. I told at an another post about the Sauna. Well I went there to spent some time. Even these ideas doesn't sound so good, it gave new experiences for me. 

I had a strange moment in the public sauna. Sauna is a place where your whole soul is naked with your body. I’m really shy to show my identify for strangers. The strange moment haven't any connection to my soul. I din’t acted right too, because I had the swimming shorts. I wasn’t sure are is an unisex sauna or not. So, it was security played. 

There was five person in sauna at the moment. One guy was older Finnish men, second guy, his friend was younger, but older than me, Finnish too, third and fourth was foreigners. I’m not sure, how they was dressed up at the moment, but they was totally naked later at least. I was the fifth guy. Of-course with my swimming shorts. 

Older Finnish man dropped lot of water to the hot stones and he had a tiny laugh after foreigners was suffering. The black one of them took that water bucket and drop little amount of water to the heater. He showed OK with his hand and said yes. What a lovely gesture to show your thought. The way to do it with example. Well, older man dropped lot of water, again, and he had the tiny laugh with his friend, again. Well, done. I was like me normally. I had my spot in a corner and I stayed there. I was there until all of them left the Sauna.

I went back to the Sauna after swimming. I dropped my shorts down at this time.

Why we are doing like that? Do we wanna test foreigners or show who is the boss? We aren't to think this today. Sauna culture is developing, but it seems there is a holy point. Be, stay naked, keep feeling comfort with it. Don't judge other's, don't get them feel un-comfort.  There is no more rules for Sauna. 

torstai 27. syyskuuta 2018


Moi, all! It's getting darker day by day, evening by evening. I should think what is a bad think. It's dark and all the dark ideas is getting in of my head. It's not feel like that at this year. It's help's to create a cycle of a day. It's also reminding to cool down at an evening. I like to live at the new area. Soul of this area is a park and the lake. This is feeling great to have a small evening walk to there. I should began to run again. I went there today too and shooted some photos, which we are going to see below. It's too hard to control, when you are going to see them so, good morning, have a great lunch or good night. I'm going to sleep next.

lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm writing of a very, very personnel topic. I don't have written anything like that here. It's hard to be serious. But that's the raw true, we need to look to the our personality sometimes. We need to learn open our-self and trust to peoples. This is really hard for me.  I have messed my business with few nice guys and so what! Well, these are all of the possibles guys in this town. This is quite hard. This is the main reason, why young guys move to Helsinki. Of course, it's always possible to find a prince of the dreams from a swamp.

I have been thinking that all of the last year. I have been dating guys from another city. This may help for a while, but it's not the real solution.

I really love this city.  Finally, I really have time. I have been lazy student, but I din't knew what my heart desire the most. When I was a student, my life was like a surviving.  Now I have a workplace, even the salary isn't the best, SO WHAT. Somehow I enjoy to work there. I can leave the jobmode to my workplace. I have tried to say it for myself. I have everything few friends, hobby and the workplace. I wanna feel like a living, not like a living at a blur. That's why, I would like to go study for a master degree. I don't have been thought that for a months now, but it's not a bad choose.

I have also got to more open for my sexuality. It's not matter, which turn you on. I have always wanted to be neutral with it. I have found a new side of myself. I got idea, it's okey to date guys without sex. It's feel weird sometimes, but it's also relaxing. I can talk with peoples, whose have same problems, than me and it's clearing my mind. It's have making me to enjoy at my home town. I don't need to crush to find myself or for other peoples.

The most important is to find a peace inside of yourself and to make comfortable to life with it. 

lauantai 1. syyskuuta 2018


Moi, all!  We have a traditional event at Kuopio. It's celebrating begin of autumn and its's also end of the summer. I visited at museums at an another year and this year, I headed to the port. Let's go to photos!

perjantai 17. elokuuta 2018


Moi, all! I have had h*ll of parties during the last week. I went to Riga at Thursday and after that I gone to Tampere via Helsinki. I don't have felt good to be home for a while. Home is the safeplace at the all. I still miss to have a special one, but maybe I will find it, later or sooner. It's different to be at an another city. Life is much different. I will share few picture from my camera. Well, I didn't had it everywhere with me.

Let's watch pictures first and let's talk more later!

sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm so so exited. I'm going to have a new apartment. Well, I don't own it, but anw. It's a same size than my current, 21 m2. It's located to the city center, right next to lake. There is a  see-sight to the small romantic street. I really love it. I don't have saw it yet. Well, guys this post was just a small, small update.

I'm gonna share this mocktail with you. Cheers!

lauantai 28. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm totally addicted to citybikes. I took a bike for a day at Helsinki too. I really loved it. It's saved lot of time during of transporting. Other transporting is really good options at Helsinki, but biking. Well, It's simple. I love it, when it's good weather. When is bad weather, I may hate it but still loving it. Confusing yeah?? I also found a old-new jacket for biking. It's not 100% perfect, but I it's cheaper with helping the mother earth. I also bought some cosmetic product. I'm not going to take panic with it. I have good quality and responsibility product at least.

I'm heading back to my home town. First picture is from tunnel, well statue, view from my hostel room and 3 picture from Helsinki Cathedral in different view. Tell your favorite picture at comments ;)

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm at hostel in Helsinki and I'm getting feel to very relaxed. I had first dormitory experiment at may and now this are feeling to more natural. I have some opportunities for chatting and getting closer with other peoples. I was thinking to go a public Sauna today, but there was just too many peoples. So, I skipped it. I had really nice time at the beach, Hietsu. I had my second time to swimming at a sea today. The first time was at Turku yesterday. So, mad to have these thinks. Helsinki is heaven to go dates and hooking up. It may only nice to visit here. Luckily, I'm just getting just 24 at this year. That meaning lot of year for exploring for me. Btw, only bier and art is from Helsinki. Other pictures is shooted at Turku.

See you guys and garls soon!

tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! Summer have been crazy. We have so hot day's and I like it. It's best go to beach after a work day. I'm at the train heading to Turku right now. It's nice to be there again. I'm going to have some free days and I'll head to Helsinki after this town. Before that, let's have some pic from my home-side.

See you guys soon !

lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! The best think at summer is nights. Nights gave you so much and many thinks to do. Then is so lightly and peaceful time. Actually day time is similar for me. I'm mostly spending my time at home at weekends. I only get idea to get drunken, but isn't that fun alone.

My path at Kuopio from year 2013
I have been promoted at my work place and is freezing my plans of the university at least for one year. It's not stop to developing of my skills. I found a nice online course for photographing. I still don't have enough  patience to focus one thing. Few hours per week isn't bad lose to upgrade professional  skills. I need to find a way to focus for living at moment and really work for my future.

I'm still looking out for solution to study at open university, which studies are open for anyone. There is only one problem, because I wont to study in my current town at my future. I have been life for five year here and I would like test something new. I hope new flat cool down my feelings. I have basically everything what I need. I have a workplace, dance and even some friends. Nothing not enough. It's not bad only. It's keep us alive and going on with our live.

I'm looking for new apartment now, because I still life at student flat. I'm hopeful for finding something bit better or even much better. My workplace is located at city center, which make it to easier.

See you guys and garls soon again!

keskiviikko 4. heinäkuuta 2018


Victor and his demons are leading you to the sacred place. There no one can't hear you. Skeletons just clicking their bones and a scream is echoing in the gray air. Moonlight is bright somewhere, but not here. Ghost, loses life's, a haunted cry.

Moi, all!

 I went to bike and shoot pictures today. I found a creepy place, a grassy pet sematery. This may lead me to very dark path, to loses hours with 80's rock music. 

It's very sad how haunted and forgotten the place is. Only few graves is taken care. It's true, pets don't live so long, but we aren't just for our-self. Animals have a soul and every life is worth of respect. I'm not going to write about Africa and resolution today. It's a small remind "Pets not a good, which you can throw away."